Tuesday Roundup: It’s All About Me

Shocker: A revised feasibility study for the People’s Hotel won’t be completed before the May 9 referendum. Coupled with the city’s lawsuit against the Texas AG to keep records from the public’s prying eyes, who isn’t wondering what else the comisars aren’t telling us? Shades of the Trinity referendum.

BONUS: Check Wednesday’s Dallas Morning News for my column on the People’s Hotel.

Want a solid — if biased — look at the Richardson City Council races? Peruse Ed Cognoski, a guy who also just loves taking delightfully cranky potshots at yours truly whenever he gets a chance.

Crime is, in fact, down in Dallas. Let’s celebrate with a Detroit-style riot.

It will be a crying shame if they can’t find a home for the Jetson’s style Siegel’s sign that’s coming down. End of an era and all that.

Not a single one-armed bandit or armed robbery quip. I’m deeply disappointed, Fox Four. No Fugitive joke? Nothing? Bah.


  1. Doug says:

    Nothing on Frontburner banishing comments?

  2. Ed Cognoski says:

    I’ll frame the “solid” and ignore the “biased.” You said it like it was something bad.