Wednesday Roundup: All Kinds of Ugly

“Figures like that only fuel the public’s disdain of oil companies.” No, Ed. Uniformed, pandering, envy-based comments like yours fuel stupid people’s disdain for oil companies. Exxon Mobil has posted record shattering profits for itself and earned solid outstanding profits for its shareholder, while continuing to hire and pay employees far above the industry median at all levels, so if the board thinks Rex Tillerson deserves $22.4 million in compensation, it’s none of your business, Ed Housewright.

What’s an antonym for gratitude?

The Plano Independent School District is putting the kibbosh on the asinine idea of adopting the Dallas ISD’s “no homework, no problem” and “hey, it’s just cheating” policies. For now.

Regarding the APB (fatwa?) Michael Davis put out on the Dallas Observer‘s hard-working reporter Sam Merten yesterday for his extensive, intensive coverage of Mayor Tom Leppert politicking from the pulpit of black churches — in probable violation of IRS tax exemption standards — as the vote on the People’s Hotel gets closer, Jim Schutze asks a pointed question: “Mike Davis might be able to answer this: will the Vote Yes people be required to pay the same amount of money that the Vote No’ers had to pay the preachers in order to speak at their churches?”


  1. Can Schutze or anyone at the Observer prove the above charges? no.

    How would they know? Have they ever had any black political writers? no
    Do they have any writers that attend a black church? no.

    The paper that claims to have a source for everything has no source for their charges.

  2. I’m definitely waiting for and expecting some kind of post or story from Jim to back up the leading question. He’s not given to idle, baseless questions, so I am willing to post it, but I want the follow-up and I will call him out if we don’t see any.