Wednesday Roundup: Keeping Shady Deals Out of the Light, McKinney’s Moron Mayor, Epic Fail at Plano ISD & More

Here’s a shocker — you know about all the back-room dealing and the shady rush to try to force a $550 million convention center hotel down taxpayers’ throats? No? The city of Dallas doesn’t want you to know about it. They’re suing the Texas AG to prevent the release of information about all their shenanigans. “I think it’s not accurate and disingenuous to say we’ve not been responsive,” (Mayor Tom Lepper) said. If so, then why the lawsuit to keep information from the very public they want to pay for this boondoggle?

Let’s stipulate that the kid in question looks like the typical needs-a-slap teenager. (God I feel so old.) And his story about having OCD seems as phony as a $3 bill. Let’s also stipulate that this kid wasn’t being obscene — his bathing suit was visible under his pants. He wasn’t showing his ass. But the McKinney mayor is now saying it’s OK for McKinney police to harass people for doing nothing at all illegal, even going so far as to lie and say that that something they are offended by is against the law. So now in his view, what’s offensive should be against the law. Unreal. Listen to the whole interview — it gets great toward the end. It’s an eye opener. And it leaves you wondering how out of out of touch the McKinney mayor is. Nice work, Ernie and Jay.

A new trend comes to North Texas: “I said I’m going to get extra meat this time. But he didn’t even put extra shrimp in there,” the woman told a 911 dispatcher. “I asked him, ‘Can I get any extra shrimp, or can you give my money back?’ And he started hollering. So I just said, ‘I’m going to call the police.’”

Minority groups in DPD are asking Chief Kunkle to address some racial sensitivity issues within the department. Thoughts?

Why is Plano ISD considering going down the same road as Dallas ISD with its bone-headed grading policy?

This is bad. I know Sgt. Gil Cerda personally, and my initial reaction to allegation he threatened his wife and physically abused her is one of skepticism. Regardless, it was a cretinous move by Senior Corporal Janice Crowther. No matter how much you may doubt an accusation of domestic violence, every one should be handled seriously.

EDIT: Should have said I was incredulous, not skeptical. Explained in comments.


  1. Chuck says:

    If my school district were ever to adopt such a policy, I’d find a job somewhere else.

  2. Frank R says:

    I have two degrees in education from long ago. It appears that the education departments at Universities are still prone to latching on to the latest fad in the field. Thirty years ago teachers were going to teach, or encourage, students to think critically and to refine their use of whatever vernacular they used in writing. We ended up with a many who had no well grounded skills in history, writing coherently or basic science. Oh, yes, these shortcomings also hampered their critical thinking.
    What I read this morning about the Plano ISD is ample proof that some things never change. If we think people suffer from an overblown sense of entitlement, just wait. (The professor from the University of Virginia who was quoted should be fired for incompetence.)

  3. CJ says:

    Leppert is being correct. He is being responsive to the request – and his response is, “Hell, no.” That’s the problem.

  4. keith johnson says:

    Trey why are you skeptical of the judge’s finding regarding the Gil Gerda case?
    This was a hearing that lasted at least two days, witnesses testified, the prosecution presented their case and the defendant had an attorney.

  5. As of this morning and still now, I haven’t read anything but the accusation.

    I probably should have said I was incredulous, not skeptical, in that I just couldn’t see it. But lots of things happen we never see coming.

    Apologize for the poor word choice.