Wednesday Roundup: “Take It Like A Man”

“Take it, take it,” yells a Dallas police sergeant as another officer jolts a handcuffed suspect with a stun gun, according to senior police officials who reviewed the dash-cam recordings.

“Take it like a man,” [another sergeant goads.]

Here we go again. And yeah, this one isn’t going to end well either. Question: Does “being a man” involve abusing suspects you have in custody? Looks like the tree needs more pruning.

The comments on the story about the atheist billboards around town are, generally speaking, a lot more clever than the billboards themselves.

Love the Dave, and clearly I think the city-owned convention center hotel is a horrible idea. But this is much ado about absolutely nothing — it’s a commercial. Who cares where the actors are from, or where it’s filmed? Same for the pro-hotel ads that are coming.

Really, Star-Telegram? This is the best you can do on April Fool’s Day? Really? Or is this from Boy’s Life, circa 1953? In fact, dear readers, let’s help them out with some real April Fool’s joke ideas.


  1. Rich says:


    You seem to be an individual with the passion for investigation and research.

    Pertaining to the Convention Center Hotel, I’m hearing all kinds of will happens
    from both sides.

    I’ve actually seen some projected numbers from the what to builds, ok.

    But nothing from the dont what to builds.

    What would happen to the Dallas tax payer, say, if the Hotel were built and it was a total failure. Would the city melt into a black hole. Would all the Dallas signage in town morph to say “Detroit”.

    Number wise how would it effect us individually?


  2. Some info here.

    Then look at what happened to St. Louis — same study group recommended a taxpayer owned hotel there. It’s gone to bankruptcy.

    Basically, if/when it fails, the city of Dallas taxpayers will be on the hook to cover the costs.

  3. Matt says:

    Regarding the newest cop “scandal”, I guess I don’t have a problem (based on what I’ve read so far). If they weren’t justified in tasing him, then there’s a real issue. If they were justified in tasing the punk that liked to harass women and run down cops, then I’m really not concerned if they might have gotten their feelings hurt by being “mocked” at the same time.

    “Take it like a man” and “Do you want another one?” were just gentle parental encouragement when I was growing up…

  4. Matt says:

    Re ST’s April Fool’s list — I saw that earlier this morning on another page. Same article, but slightly different — did The State add the excessive exclamation points, or did the ST remove them?