Cheesus Tapdancing Christ. They Did It Again.

rick-louie-gamblingI’m shocked, shocked to learn that supporters of the People’s Hotel at City Hall lied to Dallas voters about the updated feasibility study.


  1. kinder, gentler amanda says:

    And this surprises us why?

  2. Bear says:

    That they do it so frequently and are so obvious at it?

  3. Daniel says:

    Our tolerance for mendacity in our politicians has increased simply because we’ve become immured to it. Ironically, or paradoxically, I think the internet, with its ability (aided by the frontal lobes and digits of homo sapiens) to ruthlessly reveal the transgressions of the Dissembling Class, has a lot to do with it. Politicians have always lied, but we didn’t know it as often or as soon. Now we know it so often, and so soon, that we merely shrug. Which gives them the green light to be absolutely shameless — to not even really pretend that they aren’t lying. I mean, they still certainly bristle at calling it that by name, but you know?

  4. Daniel says:

    Um, inured is the word. Not immured.

  5. Dallasite says:

    Daniel, put down the thesaurus… just put it down, step away, and nobody will get hurt.

  6. Daniel says:


    Don’t you have tee-time with some car dealers or something?