Feherty Falls Victim to Ye Olde Double Standard

As Tim reports, David Feherty is in danger of losing his CBS gig because of a joke he wrote in the print product in the magazine where yours truly is one of the contributing editors.


But this video clip below is OK, where even Mr. Obama guffawed, I guess since the target was on the right side of the binary line.

(I guffawed, too. Sykes and Feherty were funny. So the Always Indignant on both sides can suck it.)


  1. Tom says:

    If not for humor, our lives would be pretty pitiful. But some people just can’t take a joke, including this correspondents’ dinner attendee: http://www.kansascity.com/stargazing/story/1190507.html

  2. Dallasite says:

    I heard a variation of the offending joke two months ago from a banker friend (his bank did not accept TARP money). I thought it was funny, but not print worthy. Feherty should have known that the national sense of humor only goes one way, to the Left.

  3. If Feherty was a black female liberal, no one would say anything, right?

  4. keith johnson says:

    I didn’t find either of the jokes particularly funny or offensive; I’m not a big fan, but Limbaugh isn’t an elected official, and even though we all know Obama would love to shut him up with the “Fairness Doctrine” I think it’s reprehensible to witness the POTUS chortle at the thought of Limbaugh suffering organ failure.

  5. Bethany says:

    I think it’s reprehensible to NOT see someone chortle at the thought of Limbaugh suffering organ failure.

  6. Daniel says:

    1) Neither Sykes nor Feherty are particularly funny, at least in these instances.

    2) Nor are they particularly offensive. Mildy so, perhaps, but that’s humor for ya, or in this case, failed attempts thereat. (Thereat would make a useful word, if it isn’t one.)

    3) Unless the definition of “to chortle” has been amended to denote “to smile with evident unease,” Obama didn’t.

    4) Everybody’s organs fail eventually. But only a small subset of people are shot dead on an elevator by a U.S. soldier. Not sure where I’m going with No. 4.

  7. When in doubt, always ask, WWHD?

    • By the end of the night, Christopher Hitchens was of course the last man (barely) standing, and he had some choice words for the evening’s headlining comedian, Wanda Sykes. “The president should be squirming in his seat. Not smiling,” he said. “The black dyke got it wrong. No one told her the rules.”


  8. keith johnson says:

    “Unless the definition of “to chortle” has been amended to denote “to smile with evident unease,” Obama didn’t.” Daniel

    Trey calls it “guffawed”, I say he chortled, another might pronounce his reaction as chuckling, giggling or tittering; it really doesn’t matter, Obama was at ease and enjoying the monologue
    I think it’s safe to assume Obama’s not a fan of Limbaugh’s.