Friday Roundup: Good Lord, I’m 40

  • Want another reason to legalize gambling, including poker houses. Here you go. Bring them out of the dark and you won’t have predators like James McDaniel poisoning the atmosphere and OD’ing coeds.
  • Why on earth wouldn’t you want to entrust your child’s future to DISD, given moves like this one?


  1. amanda says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. CJ says:

    That dude probably IS a sociopath. But he does bring up some good points. Like, it takes two to “tango.” Those women are at least half responsible for their own predicament. Nobody put a gun to their heads. Plus, where does this end? If he had syphilis or herpes, could he be charged with assault? What about chlymidia? Aggravated itching?

    And I bet the prosecutors didn’t change the way they presented their case one iota because there were TV cameras. Noooooo. They wouldn’t do that, would they?

    P.S. 40 rocks. Trust me.

  3. Dallasite says:


    “Those women are at least half responsible for their own predicament.”

    If the man had told them that he was infected and they still had sex with them, then yes, they would be half responsible. Instead, he knew he was infected and chose not to disclose it. That means he purposely infected them, and it makes him 100% responsible.

  4. CJ says:


    I disagree – and here’s why.

    If the women had asked him about it (awkwardness and buzzkill potential notwithstanding), then I would agree with you. But the women are smart enough to know that it’s called “risky sexual behavior” for a reason. There is no “HIV-free” assumption, legally or implicitly, in sexual relations. The minute each woman agreed to have sex with him, they became half responsible for the outcome.

    Let me ask you this – if he would have had syphilis or gonhorrea or some other STD instead of AIDS, should he be prosecuted – even for a lesser crime?

    Another thing – if he wears a condom, how does that affect the equation?

    I know you’re big on personal responsibility. That includes taking personal responsibility for what you let someone else put into your body.