Monday Roundup: Do They Have Jokes in Your Country?

  • “If they ban smoking what’s next? Fatty foods?”
    “Oh, don’t be ridiculous. That’s a stupid slippery slope argument.”
    Guess what.
  • Good God. Almost three months for skipping jury duty? Which banana republic is this? Oh, it’s Collin County. That’s some fine police work, Lou.
  • picture-2And of course, a congratulations to the Mayor Tom Leppert, James Taggart, Phillip Jones, and Wesley Mouch on a sweeping win Saturday.


  1. Dallasite says:

    The nanny state is alive and well in Texas. Just what exactly does the Legislature think it’s doing?

    Next we’re going to lose bacon and chocolate.

  2. Daniel says:

    Great tagline for a movie (or a pulp novel for sale at an airport):

    A grandma in pajamas. With a gun. In a convenience store. Demanding cigarettes. Then, weirdness ensues.

    Dallasite is right, though; it might be better if she were “demanding bacon.” Hash browns or biscuits?

  3. Biscuits? What the fark?

  4. Daniel says:

    With gravy, hon?

  5. Peterk says:

    okay so trans fats are being banned. is this a result of so many folks moving to Texas from NY, California and other left lib states?