Monday Roundup: Out, Out Damn Spot!

  • I’m glad they got a voice of reason into this look at how the Lege is stomping all over both parental and teenager rights. Because who cares more about a kid — a mere parent, or some semi-pro political tool? (And what a surprise to find State Sen. John Carona‘s fat fingerprints all over the worst of the bills.) Of course, the unintentional (or is it?) effect of all this is to raise up young adults who think their every decision as an adult is subject to permission from elected. Which, now that I mention it
  • I missed something in Tanya Eiserer’s story on Friday that Grits certainly didn’t miss: “Eiserer’s story concludes with an especially fascinating account that suggests Sundquist’s lying wasn’t just malfeasance by a single officer but actually part of a pattern attributed to his entire unit.”
  • This is going to be fun. After all, if the product isn’t intended to cross state lines in manufacture, sale or us, how can the federal government justify regulating it under the interstate commerce clause? (I think you know what product I’m talking about.)
  • Stupid Flu Reactions: This weekend the softball team waved instead of high-fived. Cashiers at Kroger wore rubber gloves or lathered in hand sanitizer. No surgical mask sightings. What did you see?


  1. Peterk says:

    Traveling from Virginia to Wisconsin this past week I saw a total of 3 individuals wearing face masks, two at O’Hare and one on one of my flights. the face masks are a feel good thing IMHO

  2. I have an employee…whose mother traveled to Mexico and who had dinner with her…and showed up at work with a sore throat and had to be removed from the workplace and flown back to Chicago until she could be given the all clear.

  3. Nathan says:

    Re: Interstate Commerce

    Trey, I take it that you’ve not read Gonzales v. Raich 545 U.S. 1 (2005). I’m sure you’ll just LOOOOOOOOOOVE it so much that you’ll want to marry it.

  4. Carter Class of '72 says:

    Re: HB 1863, I’m lovin’ it. I can think of one manufacturer near Austin who’s business is going to go through the roof if this passes. God Bless Texas!