Tuesday Roundup: And Now, Here’s Ollie Williams…

  • If you ever had doubts that local schools should be run strictly by locals, look no further than the federal Title 1 rules. It appears the one bright spot in DISD — its magnet schools — because are safe from cuts but how smart is it that the district can’t, by federal fiat, pump extra funds into schools that need it beyond a 10 percent median?
  • This news will be heartening to more than a few in my network.
  • The Dallas City Council will be voting on its latest revenue enhancer — a daytime curfew for juveniles — which has the added benefit of making kids feel like they only have liberties at the sufferance of their civil masters. Want reasons why it’s a bad idea? Look no further than your friendly neighborhood blog.


  1. Matt says:

    I’ll rant here because I can’t stand commenting on the DMN site.

    Trey, is there any journalistic standard for what the hell a “professional” is these days? RIP Dallas and now this story seem to think that anyone not doing manual labor is a “professional”.

    I know people don’t still stick to only the traditional professions –doctor, lawyer, soldier, priest — but I can’t tell that there’s any standard any more. As far as I can see, anyone that’s not in the building trades or doing manual labor for a living is now a “professional”. Those RIP Dallas tools loved to refer to themselves as “young professionals” — but the few folks in their videos that mentioned their jobs (artist, designer, reality show has-been) aren’t professionals. I have no idea what Simcoe (the kid that got run down) did at TI (and mean no disrespect), but what made him a “professional”?

  2. Daniel says:

    Anything you get paid for, you’re a professional thereat. I mean, who’s ever heard of the “The World’s Oldest Trade and/or Vocation”?

  3. Matt says:

    That’s evidently now the common usage. Every thirty-thousand-dollar millionaire is a “young professional.” And will tell you so ad nauseum.

    There appears to be no distinction between the noun and adjective usage of the word anymore.

    I’m not so wound up any more. The latest idiocy from DMN just set me off. I’d unsubscribe, but I’d have to first resubscribe to do it.