Wednesday Roundup: Phoning It In

On deadline, so it’s brief today.

  • Heritage is auctioning off a collection of comics worth as much as half a million. Includes a Batman #1. My birthday is coming up, hint hint.
  • Why is it the Bill of Rights wouldn’t apply at colleges? Can you imagine the outcry if people claimed that college students weren’t responsible enough to exercise their First or Fourth Amendment rights on college campuses?
  • Despite it starring Batman and being a new Terminator movie, here’s why I’m just not that jazzed about “Terminator: Salvation.


  1. Matt says:

    You’re familiar with college speech codes, right? And iirc many colleges require that dorm residents consent to entry by the university. I think 1st and 4th amendments are already gutted in many colleges.

  2. Tom says:

    Students who write for high school and college newspapers don’t have the same First Amendment rights as boneheaded columnists from Sunnyvale who write for mediocre Metro sections.

  3. Daniel says:

    I had my dorm room searched by fellow civilians. “Suspicious odor.” Wasn’t even me and I wasn’t holding. (So far as they knew; I had like a quarter inside my pillow. Turned out to be a smart place to keep it.)

    So civilian university employees looked — nay, rifled — through my personal effects, ostensibly on the mere misguided tip of another civilian. This was at a public university. The year was 1989.

  4. Matt says:

    I was at a private university here in Dallas in 1989 when my dorm was “seized” by the DEA and DPD/UPPD. No one could leave, everyone that approached was searched, with no consent requested. Operation Stoned Pony. Ah, memories.

    Unfortunately, our conservative Supreme Court jurists throw out the 4th Amt any time they hear the word “drugs.”