Wednesday Roundup: Taste the Creamy Filling

  • The corporate mandated pot-stirring from Belo for the People’s Hotel is bad enough — read any of Steve Blow’s bought and paid for house advertorials? — but is it so bad that writers aren’t putting their bylines on their assigned hit pieces?
  • DUI checkpoints a-comin’ unless they get derailed. “Your papers, citizen.”
  • Coinciding with the posting of my Star Trek movie review, there’s this bit of awesome — the instruction manual for the USS Enterprise.
  • Yes, but what about the local anchors now that the Great Hamthrax Panic is over? Won’t someone think of them?
  • ph2009050403123Finally, U.S. Rep Pete Sessions, R-Oh God It’s Dallas, has been partying it up at Tao in Las Vegas. Here’s the billboard for one of the GOP venues — “Always a Happy Ending.” (h/t Ed Cognoski.)


  1. Chuck says:

    The Enterprise manual is great stuff!

  2. Tom says:

    I know how the sausage is made at, and can tell you that putting Ragland’s column up without a byline was the work of machines, not man.
    All of the content is trucked over from production to the Web in the wee small hours of the morning, and it sometimes gets assigned to the wrong categories.
    In this case, Ragland got put into Local News stories, not his column category, which brings in the image of him and a link to his column archive. It’s the job of the early-morning drones to check these assignments and correct them as needed. Looks like you linked to it before they had a chance to check it.