All Kidding Aside, Are You People Kidding?


Am I the only one who throws up a little when he sees grown men and women crying in public over the death someone they don’t personally know?

attachmentIs there some virtue you gain by acting serious and somber over same?

Is the media going to give even a fraction of the attention when someone like Neil Armstrong kicks the bucket?

Yes, the decision of a jury of 12 people establishes a legal status — guilty or not guilty — that the government should be bound to. But do you really believe the opinion of 12 establishes reality? What I’m asking is — does anyone really believe that Michael Jackson wasn’t a child molester?

If you really believe he wasn’t a kiddie diddler, would you have let your kid spend a weekend at Michael’s house? Honestly?

Are you really the king of something when you haven’t done anything noteworthy in the field in two decades?

So if death forgives, when I croak do I get a pass on selling all that cheese at high schools a few years back?

Who thinks Mark Sanford and the Mullahs in Iran are on their knees right now saying thank you?

Blanket? Blanket? Seriously?


  1. Bob says:

    “Am I the only one who throws up a little when he sees grown men and women crying in public over the death someone they don’t personally know?”

    Dude, no way. My floor was covered with vomit after 9-11, watching all those people cry in public. I’ll bet some of them were pedophiles, too.

  2. Chuck says:

    I’m staying away from the news for the next couple of days.

  3. Steve says:

    Not a fan of MJ, and the furor is ridiculous (but predictable).

    Still, the premise “If I don’t know you personally, I don’t give a shit if you die” is one of the most idiotic things I have ever heard.

  4. amanda says:

    Amen, Trey.

  5. Steve — Give a shit? Fine. Weeping uncontrollably? What is this, an Italian wedding reception?

    Bob — “Someone” is singular. And trotting out 9-11? Are you Rudy Gulliani?

  6. Bob says:

    “grown men and women crying in public” is plural, bro. Are you Jeffrey Dahmer?

  7. Grammar isn’t your thing. Understand the relationship to the dependent clause, and you’ll be halfway there.

  8. Surprise, surprise, I disagree….but I get where u r coming from.

    We have watched for 25 years as people -especially in foreign countries- have cried, sobbed, and passed out just from M.J. stepping on a balcony, getting off an airplane, or just passing by. To think that these same people and others would be visibly moved by his death is no surprise.

    I fully admit today is a weird, tough day, made stranger by the odd and sudden nature of his death.

    Was I there to know if M.J. is a child molester? No. Would I have let my children hang out with him. No. But I’m not going to let my children “hang out” with and 40-50 year old dude under any circumstance. That was a problem regardless of what happened and he never (in life) could understand that.

    We wondered aloud on yesterday why people in New York would go to the Apollo Theater after Michael’s death and although it’s not our way, people react to death in a myriad of ways.

    Don’t discount cultural factors, here and abroad, that contribute to how people react to the death of celebrities. I had never heard of Selena, but after she was killed I remember many many public gatherings and displays of mourning. I was just about as shaken with the deaths of Aaliyah, Lisa Left Eye Lopez, Tupac, and BIggie.

  9. Shawn — shaken I understand. Upset even. Hell — I’ll even go torn up and devastated. We all have our icons and heroes.

    It’s the public displays of uncontrolled emotion — like you expect from undisciplined teens and children — that I don’t get.

    People weeping openly and publicly over Princess Di or Reagan or Tupac or any other icon, and all in front of the cameras, just makes me shake my head in disgust.

    Not saying grown men can’t cry. Just saying a little dignity means they do it behind closed doors.

  10. Kelly Duhon says:

    No way in hell would I have let my son stay with MJ. He was a very disturbed person and I felt very sorry for him. Sometimes highly creative people are a bit …well, off. I am sad he is gone, but I am not crying or sobbing like a baby. I didn’t know him and he seemed very unhappy. Maybe it was his time. Now he can rest in peace. I can’t believe how many people are freaking out. I even had a seller on EBAY send me a note about how she had been crying all evening and didn’t go to the post office as planned. Really?

  11. My reaction to MJ’s death…

    “Gee, that was a freebie”

  12. S.E. says:

    I got so tired of watching Fox News taunting with news of the MJ autopsy, and showing the crying fans everywhere. It’s fine if you’re upset, but it’s not NEWS.

    Watching Joe Barton on C-Span is infinitely more entertaining.

  13. Tom says:

    We all have are guilty pleasures. From 1983-87, mine moonwalked and wore a sequined glove. I’m sad for the loss of that person, but he left us 20 years ago.
    Everyone has a limit to how much media coverage of a particular event they can take. That’s why there’s mute button, channel changer, DVR and off button.
    That said, I’m still upset that NBC pre-empted SNL to cover Princess Di’s death and that ABC broke into the British Open when John John’s plane went missing. But that’s just me. And my guilty pleasures.

  14. Bob says:

    “Grammar isn’t your thing. Understand the relationship to the dependent clause, and you’ll be halfway there.”

    “…grown men and women crying in public over the death someone they don’t personally know?”

    You’re wrong, Grammar Nazi. Have you never seen grown men and women crying in the streets over the death of someone they did not know? As far as mere grammar takes you, ‘someone’ can be one person who dies alone or one of 3000 who dies in say, a terrorist attack. Is compassion such an alien concept to you that you resort to petty grammar policing?

  15. Sharon Sykes says:

    I agree and do not get why TDMN dedicates part of the opinion page to the death of Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon and Michael Jackson! Just shows our obsession with celebrity. But I will watch his videos on MTV today!

    Now that said, I was saddened to hear of his death. Mainly b/c it reminded me of his tragic life.

    I don’t believe he molested those boys. I think the mother of the boys was hoping he did which makes her despicable. And no, I wouldn’t leave my kids with him or any adult man on a consistent basis. I think it’s weird if any man that isn’t the father of my children really wants to keep my kids all the time. He never touched McCauley or Corey Feldman! I just think he was weird.

  16. Peterk says:

    I well remember the tears that were publicly shed over the death of JFK. Even at the tender age of 11 I knew that such emotional displays were over the top. Even the death of FDR resulted in similar displays.

    tears et al should be shed only for a family member

  17. Daniel says:

    I cried when Lennon died. But it wasn’t in public and I was 14 and for the record I didn’t keen and moan. In fact, I’m unsure of the exact meaning of keen.

    I’m not sure why people are crying about this disfigured, abnormal creep — impossible that it’s actual grief since they didn’t know him personally. Mass hysteria, any way you slice it. Some sort of loss-of-their-own-innocence trip mixed in there, too, I guess. Really disgusting!

  18. Dommerdog says:

    I get more creeped out by people who cry without tears, i.e., that mother who helped her husband/boyfriend throw her dead baby’s body off a bridge into a lake and then went on TV crying and begging the “kidnapper” to bring the baby back. Oh, and then there was Susan Smith.

    But I’m more interested in your question “does anybody really believe Michael Jackson wasn’t a child molester?” I don’t think he was. I think one of his little playpals had an opportunistic mother who made hay while the sun shone. My guess is he was driven to create childhoods for children he could empathize with – boys without fathers – that went inappropriately beyond inviting them over for afternoons at the amusement park but short (perhaps abruptly so) of sexual molestation.

    Do I think he was a nutcase? Yeah. Did I love his music? Youbetcha! Am I grieving? Not really. I’m sorry for his kids.

  19. Lindsay says:

    I guess I am a loser because I still remember exactly where I was when I found out that sweet Mr. Rogers died. I cried like a baby and still get teary when I think about him.

  20. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    It took Michael Jackson’s death to explain why you REALLY moved to Plano.

  21. april says:

    Brother, you are not the only one who gets creeped out by these people. I was sad when Phil Hartman died, when the Crocodile Hunter died, when Reagan died, &etc, but I never cried in public, stood vigil outside an LA hospital or pretended that someone’s death erased their multitude of sins. I believe that he was a “kiddie diddler,” as you so eloquently put it, and I think he got off easy.

    When I see footage of MJ fans outside Neverland Ranch or what have you, I realize that there are entirely too many people without hobbies in this country. And they kind of freak me out.

  22. I can’t think of a single person whose passing would cause me to leave the house and go stand in a crowd to display my sorrow. I guess I am just not in touch with my celebretard side.

  23. Rawlins Gilliland says:

    This conversation above was interesting. But it occurred to me re-reading through the assorted comments that I don’t see how or why grown men (generally) go wild and become emotionally publicly when ‘their (sports) team’ wins or loses. It’s clearly ‘personal’ to them.

  24. Bob says:

    Good point, Rawlins. I think you’ve identified one of the salient characteristics of Trey’s particular strain of libertarianism, homophobia. Public hysterics over pro sports teams in the presence of other nominally heterosexual males is perfectly acceptable behavior for these libertarians. Add in a reflexive adolescent resentment of authority and a fascination with guns and fast cars and you have Trey Garrison, the Junior Anarchist Libertarian.

    Herr Mises would be so proud.

  25. The Fox says:


    Garrison supports gay marriage and gay adoption, and he goes on and on about his gay friends.

    And he has said he doesn’t like organized spectator sports.

    Is all you have the standard toolkit of ad hominem attacks?

    You’re a sad specimen, Bob. An angry, bitter little liberal with no education.

  26. “Herr Mises?”

    What are you implying, Bob?

    Mises was an Austrian Jew who fled Europe for fear of prosecution by the National Socialists.

    You probably didn’t know that since you’re an illiterate little ignorant turd.

    And now you’re trying to marginalize him and group him by innuendo with the same group of uniformed socialists who murdered 6 million of his fellow Jews.

    So what side does that put you on, Bob?

    Stop being an asshole and try reading something.

  27. Bob says:

    My dad likes to touch me when mom’s not around.

  28. Bob says:

    This is the future of libertarianism, folks – Peter Pan with a 44 magnum.