Monday Roundup: Can I Borrow Your Towel? Just Hit a Water Buffalo

  • When most Democrats, Republicans, the media, and right-thinking people are behind something big, expensive and grand — like they are the commuter rail scheme (or the hotel, or the Trinity Parkway) — you just know it’s probably a bad idea. I’m just going to sit here maturely and sup upon the bitter disappointment from everyone who wants to tax drivers for the benefit of a single digit percentage who feel good about themselves for taking public transportation. Muhahaha.


  1. Daniel says:


    Dude, it was a punt. Or like a deliberate foul in basketball.

    Formerly a scheme had been concocted with a “menu” of incremental tax increases in order to fund regional rail development. The bill merely proposed that municipalities should have the right to put the matter to public referendum; not to implement it unilaterally. This had broad popular support and almost unanimous local political support. But it was proposed statewide legislation. When it became clear that vis-a-vis Austin, they had a turd on their hands, they put the bill out of its mercy/saved face by proposing something nobody in their right mind would go for, referendum or no — a single funding source in the form of a gas tax. It wouldn’t have produced the revenue required in any event. It failed, as intended.

    As for the single-digit figure — you’re only talking about existing corridors (3). It would be as if I said, “Northwest Highway, Lemmon Avenue and Preston Road combined only carry n percent of the total number of commuters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Therefore, roadways only benefit a single-digit percentage.”

    You have to have the infrastructure in place for people to use it.

  2. Amandakins says:

    @ Daniel…I have infrstructure. It’s an E350 with cold air, and a multi-CD filled to the brim with tunes I love. I’ve paid and them some for the roads I use (as has the entire State of Texas vs. some of the no-good-nik states)… And, you know what? I don’t like being forced or encouraged to change. I watch Dr. Phil. Those people need change. Me, not so much.

  3. Spamboy says:

    To be fair, Bill was unaware of an intern’s mouth around his junk in the middle of the act. And George was unaware that the silver spoon in his mouth was what led to his vocabulary issues.