Possibly Unrelated. But I Have My Doubts.




  1. Daniel says:

    That’s what made the Joker join the dark side — a scene of primal humiliation. Not only was his boner disparaged with evident glee, the front page of the Gazette trumpeted his shame with the urgency of a bullhorn, deftly deploying the word “chortled” in the process.

    Everywhere the po’boy went, his inadequacies — well, his inadequacy, for it’s really only the one thing — loom up to taunt him. He steps into a diner for ham and eggs, and from a battered old TV set blare the words, “Next on Action News — why a group of people guffawed at this man’s tiny and misshapen erection,” and when he looks up, sure enough they’re showing his photo and, from all appearances, struggling to maintain their own composure. His fellow diners erupt in riotous laughter. But I can make several in one night!!! he cries, and it’s true, too, though the effect of his claim, and of the anguish that attends it, is to make the entire assembly double over with intense, almost unbearable laughter that blurs the line between mirth and medical emergency.

    ‘Til he leapt up and he cried out in his anger and his shame, I am leaving, I am leaving — but the joker still remains!

  2. Daniel says:

    Actually, the headline Chortle at Joker’s Boner appears to be a directive. An imperative statement.

    You get the impression they were foursquare behind declaring June 26 “Chortle at Joker’s Boner Day.”