Friday Morning Finger


Here’s your sample confession form. Check all that apply, submit so you can be re-educated.

I, [STATE YOUR NAME], denounce myself for being a thought criminal and surrender into the hands of progressive justice at My crimes include:

[ ] In a private conversation with my spousal unit I expressed doubts about the appropriateness of a one-party rule.
[ ] I was hesitant in repeating the party directive: American health care is worse than any other western democracy.
[ ] At the time of this year’s inauguration I hesitated to grovel at the feet of the Supreme Leader Obama.
[ ] I worried that Leader is trying to take too much power.
[ ] I once worried that “getting past bipartisanship” might mean more than just the expected re-education camps.
[ ] I worried that there might be more in the ObamaCare bill than I was told.
[ ] I had a moment’s doubt about whether it’s appropriate for the arts to become a tool of state propaganda.

I confess to my crimes and ask the mercy of the state and Leader.


  1. Nathan says:

    [sarcasm]I, [state your name], further apologize to our great leader for being such an administrative burden and dutifully swear to be a productive, law-abiding citizen from this moment forward.

    Have you said your pledge today?[/sarcasm]

    In all seriousness, I could think of worse fates than a government run health insurance company.

  2. Tom says:

    We already have one. It’s called Medicare.

  3. Daniel says:

    Art has always been used as propaganda. Some of the greatest art in history was essentially propaganda for the Catholic Church. Other magnificent pieces of art, music, etc., bear witness to the glory of kings.

    The WPA stuff from the 30s, though? Meh. Some of the Soviet-era art was cool in its way. Nazi art was hideous and sentimental. I guess if I were working as an artist for Hitler**, I too would take pains not to be too good. And I certainly wouldn’t blurt out that I have three balls!

    * Do people still say meh or does it make me sound fustily desperate to Connect With The Kids?

    ** I wouldn’t, of course. I would be brave and heroic and, most importantly, eventually have a movie made chronicling my awesome moral superiority. The title would simply be Daniel — monolithic, majestic, iconic.

  4. Frank R says:

    “In all seriousness, I could think of worse fates than a government run health insurance company.”

    Exactly! The government could gain control of the automobile industry and our biggest banks. Oh wait . . . . . . .

  5. Jack E. Jett says:

    That reminds me…..Orley Taitz……she don’t know nuthin bout birthin no Obama babies………and Pastor Steve Anderson …….praying for the death of Obama and the execution of gays …….will be on The Jack E. Jett Show this weekend.

    Along with the Barbi Twins and the Amazing Kreskin.

  6. Anonymous says:

    @ Nathan

    “In all seriousness, I could think of worse fates than a government run health insurance company.”

    How about….

    A Government run BY…health insurance companies…

    That’s ObamaCare

  7. Sam says:

    In response to Daniel’s assertion that lots of great historical art is propaganda for the Catholic church, Dan, you do realize that much of the purpose of that art was to bring to life the stories of the bible for the masses, most of whom couldn’t read, right?

    As to Obama-care, it’s never been about providing healthcare, it’s all about a grab for power by the govt.

  8. Daniel says:

    You’re ignoring that the Catholic Church was a very powerful, monolithic political entity that interpreted said Bible in such a way that was advantageous to its own reign of oppression. But it’s a moot point anyway, since most modern-(ish) political propaganda art has been manifestly awful. Again, some of the Soviet stuff was kind of cool.

    Plus, was Handel’s Coronation Anthem not propaganda, and not magnificent?

    I don’t think any civilized nation can have self-respect without a government endowment for the arts; that said, everything the EPA does is suspect, since, after all, it’s a board of bureaucrats acting as our culture’s curator cum arts patron. The program Trey cites certainly sounds creepy enough to me, but then again, word of it comes via the pen of Andrew Breitbart, whom I consider a bit of an ass.

  9. Sean says:

    New to the blog. Seems mildly thought-provoking actually.

    While we’re on the topic of health care, can someone (maybe the author) clarify the libertarian position on the ideal health care system for me? In other words, “the unfettered market produces a better health-care system for the majority of people than single payor because…”

    This isn’t meant to be shitty or sarcastic, I’m genuinely curious to hear this viewpoint.