Counterpoint: Shawn Williams Makes the Case For

My friend and news entrepreneur Shawn Williams of Dallas South Blog makes his case in support of the Obama speech to schools.

Read it here.


  1. joker's wild says:


    Wow – where do I start?

    1. “Even after President Bush stole….er…won the election in 2000…”

    Sounds like you were once the “loser” that you so claim to condemn. You’re no different from anyone else – except that you’re on the “winning” team.

    2. “I -like most progressives and liberals- vowed to move on and give the President the chance to show he was willing to work across the aisle with Democrats like he did as governor of Texas. He didn’t.”

    UH… can you say No Child Left Behind? Passed with the assistance of the recently-deceased Ted Kennedy?

    3. “Do you know what President Rove…er…President Cheney….er…President Bush would have done with a filibuster proof majority? I shutter to think. Yet the President gets no reward, no thank you… for extending an olive branch.”

    You and I both know that’s a gross mischaracterization of Obama’s short presidency. The reason Obama can’t get anything passed is because the American people are telling the Democrats that we won’t buy the crap they’re selling. If the people were on board, all the Right’s ranting/raving/bitching wouldn’t make a bit of difference. The so-called “olive branch” you describe is a compromise not based in compassionate bipartisanship, but in political necessity. [And yes - if Bush et al had a filibuster-proof majority but tried to pass an agenda that the American people didn't like, the same thing that is happening now would have happened then.]

    4. “Yes there was a lesson plan for teachers that was to accompany President Obama’s speech, calling on students to write the President and tell him how they would improve the country.”

    Wrong! – it was a lesson plan telling kids how they can “help their president.” Two completely different things. I’m sure you “helped your country” in many written pieces while Bush was in office, even though you may not have been “helping your president.” [Although this should no longer be an issue - Obama finally came to his senses, realized that his study materials were inappropriate, and changed them to focus on students setting short- and long-term goals for their education. And that IS a laudable goal.]

    5. “RNC figurehead Michale Steele is afraid to speak around El Rushmo, so of course he won’t denounce the behavior of his faithful.”

    Yeah, like all the Democrats denouncing the liberal wing of that party. Oh wait – they’re not.

    While I respect Mr. Williams writing in general, this piece is just a partisan hack job against Americans who might actually have better insights into how to raise their children than some loudmouthed columnist.

  2. Bottom Line, if I found out Rick Perry was going to my son’s school to read to them, I wouldn’t pull him out of class because he is a Republican. I just heard someone on TV say that they wouldn’t want any president talking to their child. Silly, silly, silly……silly.

  3. amanda says:

    Shawn, look, if Tom Leppert or Rick Perry wanted an audience with my daughter, I’d worry. (Think Rick Perry mandating an untested vaccine on 12 year old girls…) Everyone preaches “personal responsibility.” Okay, I’m telling the president and every other elected official this: I AM RESPONSIBLE for MY CHILD. Back the eff off. If the President was personally visiting classrooms and it wasn’t a tv event? Maybe. The worksheets (now changed) bothered me to…it’s a sign of fundamental misunderstanding. As a democratic republic: they listen to us and our representatives. We aren’t duty bound to return the favor.

  4. keith johnson says:

    “Barack Obama is the President. Barack Obama is black. ”

    Well., I guess that settles it then…….

  5. Peterk says:

    the problem is not with the president speaking to the students. it is with the lesson plans that were developed by the WH and the Dept of Education and then sent to all the schools in the country.

    that is the problem

  6. S.E. says:

    If it was *just* a speech, I’d have no problem with it. It was the accompanying lesson plans that bothered me, and lots of other parents, apparently. I read excerpts of two books that were part of the recommended resources, and the tone was something like would have been written about Mao, Lenin or Kim Jong Il. We’ve already removed prayer from the schools – let’s not add a political deity to the recommended reading list.

    It all comes down to trust, and this administration, like Bush’s, has done nothing to earn mine.

  7. I totally get the hands off my kid thing, I totally get the why did his information change after the fact… valid. But I just don’t think this was going to be an indoctrination of 1st graders event. Or that it could.

    The unfortunate side effect to this, is the fact that almost every president has done something similar… minus the study materials. But this is the first one we flip out on. Making it appear that anything this guy does is the problem.

    I think we have hashed this out enough, because I already know that the response is “But they didn’t have study materials” etc…

    I am not an Obama fan, but it’s because I am not a fan of government… almost all government, I would probably have given myself a pass had I made it City Hall. But there are no Democrats whom I really like (maybe Grayson and Kucinich… only for individual issues), and only 2 Republicans I can stand, and one I absolutely respect more than any other politician in the last 200 years.

    I would actually be an Obama fan if he:
    1. Drops the Federal Health Care plan and opts to let states do what they want. But pushes my ideas on insurance reform.
    2. Brings our people home now. From everywhere that isn’t the United States.
    3. Ends the Federal Reserve System, as we know it.
    4. Ends minimum wage laws, if your boss isn’t paying you far more than minimum wage, than you don’t deserve minimum wage.
    5. Ends the war on Drugs.
    6. Withdraw from all foreign agencies like nato, the UN etc., we elect politicians to make decisions on foreign policy. They need to do it without outside influence.
    7. Kicks the prime minister of Israel in the b***** and tells him to stop being the d*** of the middle east.
    8. Ends medicaid and medicare over time, and allows tax free saving plans that would have made people 10 times what they receive now.
    9. End all “Departments” besides Justice, and Defense. (Department of Energy 30 years to end our dependency on foreign oil at 24 billion a year? seriously?)
    10. Gets those kids a real dog.
    11. Stop seeing corporate interest above the peoples interest. (all sides)
    13. Tell people marriage is none of govt’s business and end the conversation.
    14. Tell people abortion is not going to stop, and that Democrats and Republicans when having enough power to, BOTH chose not to stop it.
    15. Buy my daughters a Skittle Sh*tting Unicorn. As popularized by

    Then I would be a fan…. it’s a start at least.

    (having a little fun on a Friday night cut me some slack)

  8. keith johnson says:

    “7. Kicks the prime minister of Israel in the b***** and tells him to stop being the d*** of the middle east” JJM

    I believe being the PM of a nation of 5 million, facing off 200 million Arabs and several million Persians that want to wipe your country off the face of the earth would bring out the “d***” in anyone.

  9. Well Keith a great first step, would be to stop allowing people to piss in peoples water supplies right in front of them, while hey have no recourse because the only way to own a gun in Israel is to be Jewish… you heard that right… not a citizen, but a jewish citizen only.
    Which makes it really easy to terroize people of different faiths.

    You can imagine that this type of behaviour doesn’t go over to great, with the Muslim community. To make excuses for Israels horrible foreign policy is to have either no understanding of it, or too much.

    Look up Anna Baltzer (a beautiful Jewish Lady) if you want more information on this type of behavior.

    So I guess my point to this, is that if your interest is peace, maybe they could grow up a bit and act like it.

  10. Dave says:

    So, let me see if i understand this correctly……

    Your idea of a “grown up ” idea is to give the people who want to slaughter Jews and wipe their country of the face earth….. guns? Why don’t you tell us how the jooooos are oppressing and forcing the palestinians to live in squalor while conveniently overlooking how all those oil rich muslim countries in that part of the world refuse to give any aid to the palestinians lest the narrative of the evil joooooooos oppressing saintly muslims be shattered, that’s always a real knee slapper. I’m guessing you hold the standard libertaian belief that islamic terrorism is nothing but a figment of the imagination of Dick Cheney and his evil cabal of neo-cons. That, friends and neighbors, is why the libertarian will never move past joke status. Once they get past the standard rote of big government is bad and actually have to deal with real humans, they don’t have a clue.

  11. keith johnson says:

    Arab citizens of Israel can serve on the Knesset, and they can volunteer for the Israeli military, who I assume, arm them.

    I looked up Anna Baltzer and lost interest when I read that Noam Chomsky endorses one of her books; Baltzer strikes me as Rachel Corrie without the flat top.

  12. Jack E. Jett says:

    It is a frightening world today after that communist speech by Obama yesterday.

    Our streets are filled with kids who use to be white and have now turned into
    black gay communist going door to door to perform 3rd term abortions and take my machine guns away.

    Whew, I’m getting me some duct tape.