This Is Why The Internet Was Invented


  1. Peterk says:

    glad I had a light breakfast

  2. Joshua says:

    Full disclosure: Trey edited out his video

  3. “If you like Pina Coladas,
    And getting caught in the rain.
    If you’re not into yoga,
    If you have half-a-brain.
    If you like making love at midnight,..”

    When I sang this the ladies were putty in my hands……

  4. Bear says:

    Keith, was it the singing that did it or the quaaludes?

  5. Bear says:

    And this video is now being misused at other locations. Thanks for finding it. :D

  6. “Keith, was it the singing that did it or the quaaludes?” Bear

    Wasn’t like that Dawg; in the mid 70′s in the mid west all disco daddy needed to charm the ladies was a sappy song, a Busch long neck and a killer leisure suit.