Lawyers, Guns & Money: Challenge to Chicago Law Could Restore Economic Liberty

Still on deadline, so not much from me this week. But here’s fellow Dallasite and Reasonoid Jacob Sullum on how the challenge to Chicago’s oppressive anti-gun laws could be a boon for economic liberty.

The right to weapons was one of the liberties frequently cited by the 14th Amendment’s backers, since disarmed blacks were defenseless against attacks by Klansmen and local officials. As reflected in post–Civil War legislation that the amendment was intended to reinforce, its supporters also were concerned about economic liberty: the right to own and exchange property, make and enforce contracts, and work in the occupation of one’s choice—all freedoms the Southern states tried to deny former slaves.


  1. ..but if common folk are allowed to own guns in Chicago there could be violence in the city!

  2. Jack E. Jett says:
  3. “Sad to hear the gun lobby lost a major supporter” jack jett

    You’re a real class act there jackejett, chortling over the domestic violence murder of a woman whose politics you disagree with.
    I’ll bet the OJ murders had you in stitches.

  4. Jack E. Jett says:

    i don’t chortle. i am not a republicant.

    i am sincerely sorry for the loss of this great gun lobby lady. a gun didn’t kill her, her husband did.