Today A Great Documentary Premiers

Screw Ken Burns. If you want to live, take notes.



  1. Tim Lebsack says:

    Regarding Ken Burns propaganda film financed by taxpayers :

    Gary North says that National Parks are a scam.

    Land ownership by the Federal Government -
    Nevada: 85%
    Alaska: 69%
    Utah: 57%
    Oregon: 53%
    Idaho: 50%
    Arizona: 48%
    California: 45%
    Wyoming: 42%
    New Mexico: 42%
    Colorado: 37%

    The late Harry Browne suggested selling this property to finance Social Security reform.

    Sounds like a good idea to me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Gary North says that National Parks are a scam.”

    This is why no one outside a few juvenile gun nuts take libertarians or libertarianism seriously. What a bunch of mean-spirited kooks!

  3. One should not suggest that the National Parks are a majority of federally held land in these states. Most of the federal lands lie outside of the parks and an argument can be made for releasing some of the land or even a majority of it to the states to do with what they wish, without disturbing the National Parks. Although the most doctrinaire Libertarian might want to build a Sonic or Starbucks next to Old Faithful, most people can seperate the national treasures from the empty lands simply held by the federal government for no particular reason other than it has been that way since before statehood.

  4. Doubts says:

    Off topic

    Trey, have you seen Rod’s column on the new conservative bible?

    This could be the big chance to get a true skittles shitting unicorn into the good book.

  5. call says:


    Why would we want to prop up social security so that Baby Boomers can continue to suckle off the teet of govt? I say cut the benefits starting with the wealthiest group and move down from there.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Why would we want to prop up social security so that Baby Boomers can continue to suckle off the teet of govt?”

    Really! Those goddamn boomers never paid a penny in taxes. Fuck them. Let them die and rot in their McMansions.

  7. Dallasite says:

    Back on topic, I just discovered this:

  8. Daniel says:

    Most of those states are isolated and only marginally arable. It’s worthless land, in pecuniary terms. The exceptions are Oregon, Colorado and California, but the last of these has absolutely vast swaths of arid desert, and both of the latter two have a pretty large military presence. Oregon, meanwhile, contains some of the most priceless natural areas in the contiguous U.S.

    Shit, if the government wants to sell a bunch of land to some slick asshole to build yet another hideous suburb of Phoenix, I guess I’ll be none the wiser. Just keep your cappitalist hands off central coastal California.

    I’m sure the government doesn’t own very much of Connecticut