And Now We Have This…

I’m sure this was photoshopped. Surely even the clod knows better, right?



  1. Peterk says:

    not a chance ie that the “clod” knows better. this is a prime example who thinks he is smarter than anyone else. I seriously doubt that the State Dept or even the WH protocol office bothered to even set up a meeting with the anointed one to tell him what to do and what not to do since he knows all.

    now if this had been Dubya the blogosphere, the non-FNC cable shows and the comedians would be having a field day with this

  2. He's an embarrassment to the country. says:

    Remember when Obama bowed before the Saudi king?

    Maybe when he meets Wen Jiabao he’ll shine his shoes.

  3. amanda says:

    No one can be that stupid. Not even the black Jimmy Carter.

  4. Phillip Hubbell says:

    He was looking for his hand.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bowing is an old tradition in Japan, Garrison. If you’re so bleeding sophisticated, why aren’t you rich, or famous, or doing something vaguely productive? Any half-wit can put up a blog and take cheap shots.

  6. Frank R says:

    Anonymous, bowing is indeed a tradition in Japanese culture. It is also part of that same tradition that the one of lower status bows lower. While there is no problem with bowing, it should be done so that the heads are at equal level, indicating equal status. The enlightened one carried things a bit too far. He is either ignorant of the protocol or he is eager to prove he is culturally savvy. Unless he considers the emperor his superior, the later is not true.

  7. keith johnson says:

    Anonymous bowing is NOT a tradition in the United States, and if you didn’t notice Hirohito’s (of WW2 fame ya know, Rape of Nanking, Bataan Death March etc) son is not bowing to Obama.
    Every time you come on here, you attack Trey rather than justify or defend the latest outrage by this fool.
    This “president” didn’t even have the fortitude to defend the dropping of the Atomic bombs on Japan, a decision authorized by a former Democratic president that saved untold lives on both sides of the conflict.

  8. keith johnson says:

    “Any half-wit can put up a blog and take cheap shots.” Anonymous

    Any half wit can post cheap shots on a blog.

  9. Phillip Hubbell says:

    He’s more of a quarter wit

  10. Anonymous says:

    “Every time you come on here, you attack Trey rather than justify or defend the latest outrage by this fool.”

    Trey lives for my attacks. If it weren’t for my attacks, he’d only have the occasional amen from his fellow ‘libertarian’ bigots, like you. If Trey were to ever write anything of substance, I’d try to parse it out. Seems all the booze will let him do of late is take sloppy cheap shots, like calling Obama a ‘clod.’ If Obama is a ‘clod’ and a “fool’,’ what does that say about the no-name libertarians who have rubber-stamped every piece of economic legislation the GOP ever wrote?

  11. Daniel says:

    American presidents are known for making stupid etiquette gaffes overseas. It’s a reliable source of entertainment without regard to party or policies. So to answer the question — no, the clod didn’t know better. Trying to subjugate the United States to the awesome will of Japan? Doubtful. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the blame li’l imp had “Pull my finger” written on the top of his head!

  12. Buckeye says:

    I find myself wondering what Emporer Akihito and his wife were thinking when this happened. I have to believe they wanted to break out laughing and tell the president what a fool he was making of himself. Lucky for Barry, their understanding of the importance of good manners and protocol enabled them to maintain the poise.

  13. Buckeye says:

    “What the heck is this? Either bow or shake my hand, but don’t do both at the same time. And for God’s sake, man, look me in the eye – don’t look at the floor.”

  14. BearTM says:

    The State Department has a Director of Protocol with a budget of $3.031 million per year whose job it is to make sure the President doesn’t look like a moron when he greets leaders such as the Emperor. It’s not even REMOTELY difficult to teach someone how to bow properly as per Japanese tradition… GIve me a week, and I could even teach Trey how to do it without him being thought of as “gaijin”.

  15. keith johnson says:

    But for the benevolence of the United States Emperor Akihito would have grown up fatherless. Emperor Hirohito could have ended the war after Midway; the image of that war criminal’s spawn looking down his nose at the President of the United States is sickening.

  16. For Trey! says: