My Piece on Judge Dread is in D’s December Issue

There’s always that guy who stays long after the party has ended. Drop all the hints you want. But he’s going through your music collection and checking to see if your couch folds out. Tell him you have an early meeting, and he’ll ask if you have anything to make a sandwich with.

Which brings us to Judge Charles Sandoval, arguably the most ineffective judge working in Dallas County today.

The party that Sandoval won’t let end gracefully started in 1996, when he took over the 380th District Court in Collin County

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UPDATE: Link fixed. Thanks to Joker’s Wild, Max Girth and Dear Amanda for alerting me. I’m leaving the comments — I’ll always edit other people’s comment mistakes on request, but my screw ups stay. Keeps me humble. Which is another of my great qualities. Hell, if there were a Humble Olympics, I’d take the gold.


  1. joker's wild says:

    I just clicked on the link and got a 404 Error File not Found message.

    When this error is corrected, feel free to delete this comment.

  2. MaxGirth says:

    Linky no worky.

  3. amanda says:

    Gaw, do I have to do everything around here?

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  4. anon says:

    Those interested in Sandaoval’s latest antics may be interested in his Grand Jury investigation as reported in the Collin County Observer, February 19, What a lovable miscreant!

  5. anon says:

    I mean November 19