Palin Derangement Brings Out Beta Males and Handwringers

Sarah Palin isn’t near as interesting as the reaction people have to Sarah Palin.

I'll be in my bunk.

I'll be in my bunk.

Before I even start, some disclosure: I have far more I disagree with Sarah Palin on than I agree with her about. She’s a politician, and like all of them she talks more than she walks. Politicians, even the best of them, are at heart people who seek power and influence that they couldn’t earn rightfully in the private sector. Some rare few actually rise above popularity contestant status to becoming actual leaders and statesmen, but they’re as rare as white power forwards in the NBA.

So what I do like about Palin? For starters, she’s hot, and “real beauty is on the inside” is something ugly people say. Like it or not, people pay more attention to attractive people — this is why you’re reading my blog, after all — and in the great, horrible game of democracy getting people’s attention is a big part of it. I won’t lie — I like looking at her. (Don’t act like I’m the only one this shallow — the media has been telling us constantly and with a straight face that Barack and Michelle are attractive despite evidence to the contrary, so don’t go damning my hormones.)

More importantly, I like the glimmers of true federalism Palin’s shown on some issues. When asked about marijuana legalization, she says, well, here’s what I think, and here’s the argument against legalization…but this is what the Constitution says so let’s go with that. By which she means let states legalize if they want. Amazing concept, I know. She’s applied this thinking to gay unions and, despite her overbearing religious beliefs, it’s put her in a position where she’s more gay friendly than the current Democrat inhabiting the White House.

Even more, I just love how she brings out the worst in the people who keep telling us they’re the best — the opinion elite who work for cable networks with fewer viewers than Palin has Facebook friends, and old-line newspapers that no one reads except as a joke. These are the beta males, the unoriginal hacks and the professional hand-wringers who repeat the talking points of the day as if they’re original and drone on about “teaching moments” even though they’ve only ever taught people like me not to bother reading the New York Times for any reason: Frank Rich, Bob Herbert, Maureen Dowd, David Brooks, et al.

Tina Fey skit line mistaken for actual quote reference? Check. Beauty queen reference? Check. Quitting governorship after two years? Check. (Hey, didn’t Obama quit his Senate seat after less time? Shh.) Counterfactual reference to warddrobe bill? Check. Hack list complete.

Palin’s derided for being uninformed and not so intellectual by people who keep telling us that Barack Obama is intelligent and informed. Obama, you see, demonstrated his vast intellect on the campaign trail in all 58 states.

His intellect is so awesome his college transcripts and written thesis are sealed from public view. Obama’s shown it in his strong grasp of strategy in Afghanistan (he voted “present”), and his cool lack of bias in pointing out when cops act stupidly, while cautioning us not to rush to judgment over a militant Islamist who shouted “Allahu ackbar!” while on a killing spree at Fort Hood. Obama’s savvy in doing happy shout-outs to conference attendees when he went on the air to address the shootings? That’s how smart he is. And don’t get me started on his grasp of history and protocol.

Why, the man is so intelligent he creates (or saves!) millions of jobs in congressional districts that don’t even exist.

Seriously — it takes a unique mind to create government spending that even gives the Chinese government pause. But that’s our boy.

But back to Sarah. Really? The AP assigns 11 reporters to fact check her book (they found six “errors” that weren’t errors) but not one to Obama’s or, for that matter, Al Gore’s various global warming books and movie. How about Joe Biden’s?

Forget books — why weren’t these reporters covering issues like, I don’t know, the massive health care takeover that’s going to cost hundreds of billions more than the AP reported and which, it turns out, will make health insurance costs rise more than doing nothing, and which will cover illegal immigrants? (Obama did, in fact, “You lie!” it seems) Or to cover whether AG Holder is telling the truth when he said he alone made the decision to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a New York criminal court with no input from Obama?

But no, mainstream media fact checking is reserved for Palin’s book. And Saturday Night Live skits that are critical of Obama.

Like the meaningless Nobel on Obama’s mantle, Sarah Palin’s very existence seems to undermine their chosen leader, since she accomplished more by the time she ran for Vice President than Obama has to this day.

She angers the media because she has more pull as a private citizen — she derailed the health care takeover momentum with two words on her Facebook page: death panels — than sitting in exile in the governor’s mansion in Alaskastan. (Loved watching the Obama people scramble to deny it, saying, “There are no death panels. And we’ll take them out.”) She reaches people without needing the media, something every last century journalist grinds his teeth over. How crappy do you feel as a professional gatekeeper when no one needs to use your gate?

Why do I think the opinion elite really hate her? Even they know how classless they look falling over themselves to try to destroy her. I mean — this is just pathetic. The ladies of the press and their female counterparts do protest way too much here:

Picture 1

As a libertarian who doesn’t like anyone in power and who isn’t that fond of democracy anyhow, what happens with Sarah Palin is pure spectator sport for me. I don’t think she’s uninformed at all — here’s the real story behind the lousy hack job interview Katie Couric did:

Palin mixes too much religion in her politics, too much populism in her appeal, and — at heart — she’s a politician like any other, with plenty of BS in her backstory.

But if.

If she were to make a hard left turn the left-wingers would embrace her in a heartbeat. She has a high Q score, so if she’s the face of your cause, you’re going to make headway.

So for me, if she were to grow on issues like federalism and take up the Goldwater standard — that government needs to stay out of the boardrooms and the bedrooms; that government needs to keep out of churches and who they wed and churches need to keep out of schools; and that 90 percent of what mainstream Republicans and Democrats want government to do the government has no business doing because of what the Constitution says — then we may be able to do some business.

(No, I don’t care if she’s like Dr. Zauis on evolution if she keeps her promise to not to push it on schools. She said in 2006: “I don’t think there should be a prohibition against debate if it comes up in class. It doesn’t have to be part of the curriculum.”)

I’ll be watching. And so will everyone else, in spite of the girl fight slaps from the opinion geldings in New York and Washington.

Even if Sarah doesn’t go my way — fingers crossed but not holding my breath — watching the media embarrass themselves attacking her is worth the price of admission.


  1. Go Sarah! says:

    Her greatness rests in her ability to vex the snooty liberal elite, and the unhinged left-wing nutroots.

    The more she’s attacked by those outside her base, the more her base rallies around her, and the more prominent she becomes.

  2. BearTM says:

    I don’t have a problem with Obama bowing to the Emperor… I have a problem with us paying $3.031 million a year for a Director of Protocol that can’t keep him from bowing so BADLY. It’s not THAT hard to learn the basics and not look like an idiot.

  3. Coco says:

    You know, I used to think (as recently as 6 months ago) that politically speaking, I stood about middle ground, not far right, not far left. However, the more of your articles I read, the more I realize that I lean as far back of the two as I possibly can. What amazes me most, is it took me 58 years to realize where I really stand. What color pom poms should I buy?

  4. Now pull the other one. says:

    That’s right, you’re above politics.

    And to demonstrate your superiority, you’re…posting on a political blog.


  5. Book Suggestions For Garrison's Readers says:

    Trey Garrison readers, if you’re into Star Trek novels, Probe is pretty good.

    Stay away from disasters like Burning Dreams, Strangers From the Sky and Catalyst of Sorrows.

  6. randye says:

    “watching the media embarrass themselves attacking her is worth the price of admission.”

    Amen to that and throw in upper class white “feminists” who hate her shoes, school and the fact she didn’t abort the retard.

  7. Lanzman says:

    Spot on, Trey. Like you, I like Palin for the way her mere presence causes the reality-impaired to go all foamin’-at-the-mouth batshit insane.

  8. Frank R says:

    One of my favorite Palin v. Obama moments came during their respective interviews on ABC. Both were asked what they would do if Israel launched an attack against Iran. BOTH said the same thing, nearly word for word – basically that we should be cautious about interfering in another countries attempt to defend itself. Guess who took the criticism for not knowing much about foreign policy. It wasn’t Obama. Then guess who has made a huge mistake in HIS meddling in Honduras.

    This morning’s comments by Obama and Holder are the richest yet. First we get the big to do regarding the importance of trying Kalid Sheik Mohammed in a civilian court, ostensibly to preserve his civil rights. Now both Obama says that KSM WILL be convicted and executed. Holder agreed saying “failure is not an option.” So much for the basic civil right of a fair trial and innocent until proven guilty. What an absolute clown is this man.

  9. Superb! says:

    Capital work, Garrison.

  10. Palin highlights... says:

    Palin highlights the increasing irrelevance of the formerly-mainstream media.

    As the liberal media universe shrinks ever smaller, soon the only audience remaining for left-wing pundits will be themselves.

    In the end, there will be one liberal pundit, all alone, struggling to understand what happened to the massive media universe the Left once controlled: “The universe is a spheroid region, 705 meters in diameter.” ;)

  11. keith johnson says:

    The National Organization for Women demonstrates what they’re really about when it comes to the sexist, misogynist, unfounded attacks against Palin-silent shills for the Democratic party.
    Good article Trey.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I wish McCain and Palin had won. By now, we could be well into the food riots and FEMA camps. Obama’s just delaying the inevitable descent into ‘conservative’ hell.

  13. amanda says:

    The best part about Palin’s “Going Rogue”?

    There’s no index. Those who line up to criticize her, including McCain’s camp, actually have to READ it to know what she says.

    And, as we know by now, the current administration and climate in DC doesn’t like anyone to read anything…like bailout legislation and sweeping changes in healthcare.

  14. Anonymous says:

    “…watching the media embarrass themselves attacking her is worth the price of admission.”

    Every penny.

  15. sheesh says:

    I dunno… when 3/4 of the country says they wouldn’t vote for her for president, I’m not sure she’s the populist sensation you’re making her out to be.

    And though Obama has surely made some stupid decisions, I think attacking his intellect (Harvard Law Review? U Chicago law prof? what a dummy!) is maybe not the best tack to take. The things about Palin that annoy me are the utter lack of self-awareness and obscenely high threshold for cognitive dissonance. The “ethics reformer” who sees no problem with sticking her state with bills for vacations for her family, the populist who thinks big corporations aren’t to blame… most politicians aren’t much better, but they’re at least a little smarter about it and don’t rely on looks and their gender (ya, I said it) to keep the Big Bad Media at bay.

  16. But but but but bu says:

    “I think attacking his intellect (Harvard Law Review? U Chicago law prof? what a dummy!) is maybe not the best tack to take.”

    Of course. A quick look at his transcripts reveals how intelligent he is. :)

  17. Daniel W. says:

    A friend pointed me to your site, and I’m glad they did. You put into words many of the thoughts that I have had regarding Sarah Palin & “The Media” in the last year.

    I agree with every point you made, however there is one minor thing I would like to disagree on (or question, in case you know something about it that I don’t).

    You stated that “Palin mixes too much religion in her politics”, however I have not seen any evidence of this. To the contrary, I believe she has ignored her own religious convictions on certain subjects – knowing that her personal convictions or religious beliefs are NOT to be pushed onto the public.

    One example would be her sticking up for gay rights/benefits after her state representatives had elected NOT to allow them. Another would be her statement that, while the topic of creation shouldn’t be shut down if someone raises it in a school classroom, neither should it be part of any curriculum.

  18. Anonymous says:

    “A quick look at his transcripts reveals how intelligent he is.”

    Maybe Garrison should put his own transcripts here on the blog. Otherwise, based on his writing, I have to conclude he’s just another mean-spirited bigot with an axe to grind.

  19. Daniel says:

    Michelle Obama’s got a better ass.


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