You’re Out of Your Element, Donnie

The fall of the Berlin Wall?

It’s all about Barack.

Best comment:

It is telling that Obama manages it involve himself in all sorts of issues unbecoming a President like having a beer with the cop and victim of a local law enforcement screw-up, giving speeches to captive-audience school children, and begging for the Olympics for his home town (not that his cronies would have profited from that, of course!). Then when there is an event of truly global and historic significance deserving of the stature and symbolism of an appearance by the President of the United States, he can’t be bothered to do more than essentially phone it in?

Obama, his own actions reveal, is just a lousy, thick-headed clod. No wonder he keeps his college transcripts sealed.


  1. “One of the things I wanted most from Obama was an end to public Presidential buffoonery. I have been thoroughly disappointed.”


  2. PeterK says:

    Obama raises buffoonery to a new level. Goes to an Indian conference, does a shout out to an attendee ascribing to him the wrong award. acts like nothing was wrong then starts to talk about Fort Hood. sheesh. Can’t wait to see how he upstages the memorial service at Fort Hood. And former President and Mrs. Bush travel quietly and secretly to the base over the weekend asking for no photos or press. that’s class

  3. Anonymous says:

    If only we had some of you ego-free libertarians running the show. Oh wait, you’re too stupid to get elected to public office. Oh well, at least you had Alan Greenspan in there for a while waving the libertarian flag for the vultures on Wall Street.

  4. Doubts says:

    Is it just me or has coward/anonymous (same word different spelling) gotten boring? There used to be spirit and verve in his moronic trolling. Now it just seems kinda phoned in (like Obama’s presidency)
    So cheer up little buckaroo. go outside, get some fresh air. Then come back and make a real effort. We will all be happier that way.

  5. Frank R says:

    Obama’s ineptitude seems to know no bounds. His provincialism appears to have no bounds. I’ve said from the beginning that the man is an empty suit. His tin ear and downright antipathy towards the average person is scarily consistent.

  6. keith johnson says:

    “No wonder he keeps his college transcripts sealed. ”

    I’ve often wondered why the issue of his college transcripts isn’t as big of a deal as his questionable birth certificate.
    The release of Obama’s grades, and the financing of his college education, should be public information.
    An applicant to a small town police department would have to release information such as this.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “Is it just me or has coward/anonymous (same word different spelling) gotten boring?”

    It’s just you – anything beyond ‘free-markets and guns will save us’ is too complicated, ergo boring. Please resume the Obama-bashing.

  8. Phillip Hubbell says:

    I don’t think anonymous’s mommy lets him go outside by himself.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I want to see see Trey Garrison’s college transcripts. You did attend college, didn’t you, Trey? Community college? A semester or two?

  10. So what? says:

    The fall of the Wall is significant to White America, but completely irrelevant to Brown America.

    Obama is the President of Brown America, the future of America.

    Now go away, Whitey.

  11. Frank R says:

    Obama is genetically only HALF brown, black, whatever you want to call him. The other half is white. He would not have been elected without white America.

    Anytime the collapse of a system frees people, whether it’s the collapse of slavery or a crumbling of a wall meant to keep people prisoner, it benefits ALL people, regardless of color. Anyone who does not understand this will wallow in their own cesspool of ethnocentric self pity blaming the world for their misery.

  12. More irrelevance. says:

    Demographics are on our side, Brown America’s side.

    We don’t care about your so-called victory over Communism, or your World War 2 victory, or anything that White America has ever achieved.

    We got Obama elected this time, but he’s only the first step. Maybe White America will push through one last President or two, but by 2030, you’ll be looking at one unending succession of Obamas, and finally Brown America will be forever liberated.

  13. keith johnson says:

    “and finally Brown America will be forever liberated.”…More irrelevance

    Uhh, “liberated” from what?

  14. Anonymous says:

    “Obama, his own actions reveal, is just a lousy, thick-headed clod.”

    Trey Garrison – a waste of bandwidth.

  15. Frank R says:

    “We got Obama elected this time, but he’s only the first step.”

    Don’t know who is included in “we,” but without white people Obama would be back in Illinois. That said, Obama is STILL only half black, brown or whatever. The other half is white.

    Your post indicates you have already been liberated from reason and intelligence.

  16. keith johnson says:

    “Brown” Anerica is so oppressed than thousands a day crash the southern border for the chance to be persecuted.

  17. Daniel says:

    Blacks and browns, as More Irrelevance helpfully categorizes them, fought in World War II, too. Why should living history be of no concern to their progeny? Help me out on this one, I’m lost here. (And what about the dad blamed yellows? Do they get liberated into a few lousy Senate seats, something?!)

  18. Lousy? says:

    Referring to Obama as lousy is demonstrably racist.

    The implication is that Obama, as an African-American, has, or once had, head lice. You’re also implying that all African-Americans have head lice. Further, you’re implying that Obama has short hair to prevent head lice.

    How about you apologize to the African-American community for your ugly stereotype?

  19. Daniel says:


    Exactly! I once had a friend who got the crabs and he was too embarrassed to go to the doctor so he got something from the animal supply store called sheep dip and presumably made do with that later I came to find out there was a brand of whiskey called Sheep Dip and I laughed!

    Point being, black people have crabs and are drunk on whiskey.