Chip, chip, chip…

Picture 1Serious question: How long before 1) these things are cheap enough and 2) people are so used to them that they appear on street corners in cities where the Second Amendment has been nullified?

Also, do you really think the software for these things will stagnate, so that no one develops a way to turn the X-ray looking image into a full-blown nude picture of you?

Just asking.


  1. Phillip J Hubbell says:

    What do you bet the first time Angelia Jolie goes through one of these it ends up on the Internet? Anything computerized that can take the picture can save the picture as evidenced by your example… long before they have a seperate scanner for celebrities and politicians?

  2. Daniel says:

    I guess it depends what you mean by “full-blown,” and also what you mean by “you,” because if by “you,” you mean “me,” then yes, I believe that no one will be busting their humps anytime soon in a mad race to develop a way to turn an X-ray(-ish) image of me into something “full-blown,” no matter the precise definition thereof.

    Typically, it’s the Angelina Jolies of the world that drive innovation of this sort.

  3. Glen2Gs says:

    Isn’t it convenient… that the Government already had these scanners ready to be installed right after Detroit….

    Isn’t it convenient… that the Senate, in 2009, refused to take up a bill, passed by the House,that would have limited the use of Full Body Scanners…

    Isn’t it convenient…that the Ex-Director of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff attacks those opposed to the Scanners as “privacy ideologues” and his consulting agency,Chertoff Group,sole clients are the TWO major manufacturers of Full Body Scanners…

    Isn’t it VERY convenient….that Yemen’s foreign debt has increased from $8.9 Million to $5.9 BILLION in July 2009, according to the report on banking and currency developments issued by the Yemen Central Bank….and just GUESS who was the “funnel” thru which the money was loaned to Yemen? Why the “Underwear Bomber’s” Daddy….Umaru Mutallab thru his company Jaiz Bank International…

    The more you look into this…The more it seems a little TOO CONVENIENT

  4. It seems to me the people who should be most concerned with a plane blowing up, should be the people who take on the security challenges, not one of the most disfunctional organizations in the world the TSA.
    So who should:
    The people on the planes and the Airlines and Airports.

    The debate about the privacy issue would end if Airlines ran their own security.
    It is a private plane, if you want to get on it, then you get “the probe”.

    Do you believe “the probe” is too intrusive? Then fly on a plane that uses “the scan”, do you believe the scan shows to much of your private parts? Well then fly on the plane that does body pats… etc.

    Do you want to ride on a plane that has a history of exploding?
    Companies with lax security would go out of business. Airlines would then be inspired to come up with the most comprehensive least invasive most cost effective ways of doing security.

    If they don’t…. then you go somewhere else.
    I was thinking the other day, what if terrorists started targeting ferries? We would have an amazing amount of ferry security….. but then it goes on and on.

    If you want to stop terrorism you go to the root. Find out why these people hate us, and establish if there is anything we can do that might keep them from hating us….. a few ideas come to mind.

    It’s like we have a pipe break in the top of the house spewing water through out, so we send people into different rooms with mops as the solution.

    The solution is to shut the pipe off.
    We need to get out of the middle east, except where we are wanted, here is another example of how economics would bring peace.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Houston police use UAV drones to spy on citizens:

  6. Dallasite says:

    Two thoughts come to mind:

    1. The amount of explosive necessary to blow a hole in the side of an airplane, 5 ounces, is small enough that it wouldn’t be noticed in a full body scan. While I think the technology is cool, and it will probably help keep Trey from carrying knives and guns onto commercial flights, it’s not going to stop a determined terrorist.

    2. How long before people start hiding things under their clothes that will show up purposely on the xray? I’m thinking letters that spell out “TSA Sucks!” running down their legs will get them the attention they are badly craving.

  7. Frank R says:

    Since the amount of explosive required is small, what prevents someone from inserting it into a body cavity (yup, that one). They can then remove it once they are inside the security umbrella in the terminal.

  8. Pei says:

    John Jay Myers,

    Do you really believe there is something constructive to be learned/achieved by “…finding out why these people hate us…”? Do you believe there is anything we could do differently, other than all convert to Islam or hit our own self-destruct button, that would cause these fanatics to stop their attacks? They are committed to our destruction and there is no negotiation or modification of that position.

    When an arsonist is about to set my house on fire, should I ask him to wait while I buy him a cup of coffee and chat with him to find out what he doesn’t like about me? What he doesn’t like about my house? No…I just want to eliminate him before he can do any harm.


  9. Dallasite says:

    “…what prevents someone from inserting it into a body cavity (yup, that one).”

    It might be more likely to show up on the xray since it would be more densely packed and in a very obvious and unusual location. I would feel sorry for the poor sap that had to go looking for it though.

  10. Pei, your post implies that all Muslims want to kill us, or are radicallized against us. Considering there were 7 million Muslims living in the United States prior to 9/11 and most of them were not trying to kill us. In fact I can think of zero, I think we might want to consider other cause of hate, besides us being infidels.

    The current problems we face in the middle east are not brought on by religion, it is our foreign policy that so enrages these people. Even as recently as the underwear idiot, the reason for these peoples attacks are known…. and they are not “kill the infidel”, the reasoning behind the attacks are all based on our foreign policy.

    If you would like to pursue a foreign policy that ignores the source of the problem…. (the broken pipe) and only addresses the symptom (the water on the floor), this will be a very long costly war, that we can not afford either morally or financially (especially financially).

    Does that mean we just stop caring? No, it means we start caring. Start addressing the issues that effect us and stop pretending that terrorists hate us because we are free.

    I suppose that you may not trust a Screen Printer from Dallas to tell you this, so I wll allow 22 year CIA veteran, and the fella who was in charge of the Bin Laden unit a chance to convince you:

    I realize that foreign policy is a huge topic, but it is a simple for me. Trade with everyone that wants to trade, leave everyone else alone.

    You would be surprised how many people would then want to trade. In order to do so, they would have to progress, see China and India for how capitalism as opposed to oppression and socialism can improve the lives of people in a country.

  11. El Rey says:

    The full body scanner is not an x-ray machine. It can’t see through your body. With that in mind, there was an assasination attempt recently in the Middle East that involved an explosive suppository (with a cellular detonator). The bomb went off, but the target was too far from the bomb. The device could blow a hole in a fuselage, though.

  12. Frank R says:

    Dallasite, the body scan does not xray through the body, only through the clothes. Look again at the photo.

    This is quite small and could do lots of damage.

  13. Dallasite says:

    In order for xrays to work, they would have to pass through the body, not just bounce off of it. They may not be strong enough to show non-organic internal items though.

    That video is a fake by the way. Pause it on frame 3:24.

  14. Daniel says:

    They couldn’t pay me enough to spend my days rootin’ around some Arab’s anus. And at the end of it all, your sweet reward is that it blows up in your face. Can you say tabouleh bomber? Pass me a shovel, I’d rather dig a ditch.

  15. I don’t know if it’s appropiate to post links to some other blog, but here is Judge Napolitano on this subject, I thought it was interesting.

  16. keith johnson says:

    Rather than acknowledge the commonality of these 3rd world pigs that want to murder Americans and proceed accordingly, this government would rather subject my teenage daughter to a full body scan to the delight of some minimum wage TSA flunky.

  17. Pei says:

    John Jay,

    No, nothing in my post indicated that I thought all Muslims hate us or what to harm us. I was specifically referring to the subset of Muslims who are extremists and terrorists who clearly do want to harm us. The idea that free trade and leave them alone would cause them to suddenly have a change of heart is laughable. To be clear, I do support your position of free trade and leave people alone; however, I don’t believe that position, if it became our implemented foreign policy, would cause the extremists to lay down their arms (or explosive underwear).


  18. Tim R. says:

    How Orwellian of the TSA.

    I’ve planned to paint on a t-shirt in lead-based paint that I wear under my clothes the words: “FUCK YOU TSA”

    Should the use of these things become common.