Health Care and Brown, Take 2

An old chum and lawyer has a different take on what’s what for government-run health care now.

So now for something completely different…


  1. keith johnson says:

    Scott Brown was elected because he’s dark skinned and has no caucasian dialect unless he wants one.

  2. Frank R says:

    I love it when someone states that they are a lifelong Democrat or Republican. It usually serves to excuse their lack of critical thinking. How anyone with any critical thinking ability could have believed either the Senate or House healthcare bill the right prescription is beyond me. Both bills are pork laden pieces of legislation that do little more that serve as symbols of reform, but in reality are simply payoffs from the political class to their lobbying constituencies.

  3. From the link:

    “Kudos to the Republicans for getting back in the game, but shame on them for ignoring the plight of real Americans to help their real constituencies, viz. Big Insurance, Big Hospitals, and Big Pharma.”

    Wait, what?

    “Big Insurance, Big Hospitals, and Big Pharma” are all on board with Obamacare because they stand to make a mint off the federal mismanagement!

  4. amanda says:

    I agree with Daniel…alert the press…

    Both parties have some work to do…

  5. Tim R. says:

    To Frank R.: You don’t expect me to believe that Republicans are somehow incapable of putting pork into a bill, now do you? Shall I dredge up all the stuff from Tom DeLay , Phil Gramm, Dick Armey, etc.?

    Let’s look at the facts: 788 amendments were filed on the Health Care Bill– 67 came from Democrats and 721 from Republicans. That’s right 721 came from Republicans.

    That’s a 10 to 1 disparity in favor of Republicans for those with math skills.

    197 amendments were passed in the end—36 from Democrats and 161 from Republicans. (Republicans got 5 Amendments passed for every 1 offered by Democrats). And they’re complaining? Please. Bunch of crybabies and losers if you ask me.

    So please explain to me how Democrats have the most Earmarks and “pork”? Unless you ignore the facts and fail to exercise your “critical thinking skills” you cannot.

    To ALRidgeRunner: No duh. That’s been the problem all along. Pork is constituency ass-kissing. Both parties are guilty. Both parties exploit their power when they have it. That’s understood from a High School Civics Class, so how is that somehow a surprise?

  6. Frank R says:

    Tim R., I absolutely believe that Republicans like to add pork to bills. That is precisely why their constituents are so enraged with them. It is also why many independents voted Democrat in the last election. To many who post on this site, it is immaterial which party is guilty of the excess spending.

    Also, before you start quoting numbers as impressive support for your point, however, you might want to check to see what those amendments really were about. Were they all adding pork? We some of them, perhaps, attempts to prevent the bill from spending too much? For starters here are a few amendment proposals from Republican Senator Grassley. I picked these at random and we can go through amendments one by one if you wish.

    Grassley D1
    To allow Medicare beneficiaries to keep what they have
    Grassley D2
    Medicare Physician Payment Equity
    Grassley D3
    Eliminate new trust fund taxes to fund comparative effectiveness research
    Offset will be provided at the Markup.
    Grassley D4
    Improve Governance of Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

    Perhaps these amendment proposals by John Cornyn might be instructive also.
    Cornyn D6
    Ensuring Spending Accuracy.
    Reduction in spending under the Mark.
    Cornyn D7
    Protecting Seniors’ Access to Care.
    Reduction in spending under the Mark.
    Cornyn D8
    Protecting the health care workforce.
    Reduction in spending under the Mark.
    Cornyn D9
    Protecting Seniors’ Access to Care.
    Reduction in spending under the Mark.
    Cornyn D10
    Protecting Seniors’ Access to Care.
    Reduction in spending under the Mark
    Cornyn D11
    Promoting Choice and Competition in Health Care Facilities.
    To be provided at the markup.
    Cornyn D12
    Promoting Choice and Competition in Health Care Facilities.
    Offset will be provided at the markup.
    Cornyn D13
    Limiting Non-Economic Damages in Medical Liability Lawsuits
    Cornyn D14
    Eliminating Junk Science in Medical Liability Lawsuits.
    Cornyn D15
    Protecting Generic Drug Manufacturers from Liability for Label Language That They Did Not Write.
    Cornyn D16
    Encouraging Amicable Settlement of Medical Liability Lawsuits.
    Cornyn D17
    Encouraging Compliance with the Institute’s Recommendations
    Cornyn D18
    Limiting Punitive Damages
    Cornyn D19
    Protecting Doctors from Frivolous Lawsuits.
    Cornyn D20
    Protecting Doctors from Excessive Damage Awards.
    Cornyn D21
    Ensuring that seniors can keep the health care benefits they have.
    Reduction in spending under the Mark.

  7. amanda says:

    BOTH parties need to clean up, and the voters need to CLEAN HOUSE, literally and metaphorically…

    The waste is DISGUSTING. The problem is our “representatives” have never really held “real” jobs, and they aren’t and haven’t been accountable to anyone, less special interests, for decades.

    Obama sold the people on change, he just isn’t going to like it when it goes down for real.

  8. Frank R says:

    Amanda, you are right on. I find Obama’s call for a deficit commission interesting. There are a plethora of redundant programs that could be cut. In addition the Congressional Research Services found that about 40% of the government programs are failures at doing what they were created to do. What you want to bet those will not be on the chopping block. We will get more talk about raising taxes to reduce the deficit instead.