In Post-Obama America

It’s not, to cop the cliche, that “the honeymoon is over” for Mr. Obama. It’s that his presidency is, effectively, over.

I’ll skip the overused “emperor has no clothes” and the “you can fool some of the people some of the time” points, and just leave it at this: he’s done.

The election of 2008 wasn’t a triumph for the leftist agenda. (I refuse to cede the word “liberal” to them, and there’s nothing “progressive” about believing in an political economic system that was proven not to work 70 years ago.) It was a rejection of President Bush.

And good that rejection was. Mr. Bush was not a small government, pro-market conservative. Government and regulations grew under him faster than they did under any president since FDR.

People didn’t want  any more of the Bush/Republican brand, but that didn’t mean they were embracing the left’s agenda. It was a perfect storm for an empty suit like Obama, who had no record and absolutely no accomplishments, and thus could talk about fiscal discipline and responsibility to the point he even got support from some prominent conservatives. He could tell people what they wanted to hear and, unlike the other Democrat candidates, he had few votes and no legislation bearing his name that anyone could say contradicted whatever the line of the day was.

But now it’s a year later. The soaring sweet talk people fell for then falls on deaf ears now. People see behind the curtain and realize there’s no there, there. The Nobel Prize pretty much put an underline on this whole farce.

People have seen his scheme for the government takeover of healthcare, and they’re saying they don’t want it. (The continued push for some foothold, in any form, for government health care proves that socialized medicine is, in fact, the “crown jewel of socialism.” They just want some kind of framework they can add to later. Once they get people thinking health care is a right and not a service like any other, they’ve changed the mindset. This is why Democrats are risking their House majority and safe Senate seats for ObamaCare.)

People have seen that all the bailouts and stimulus — which will be billed to people not even born yet — has not only failed to stimulate; it’s made the recession worse. Recessions only last this long when government monkeys with the economy. The “smartest guys in the room” are wrecking the economy by trying to save it. They can’t see that nothing is “too big to fail.”

Cap and trade is, thankfully, DOA. People have awoken to the fact that they’ve been hoodwinked by unscrupulous, agenda-driven junk science, and that hey — they really haven’t established that anything man has done is affecting global temperatures. Certainly not enough to go sticking a samurai sword into the belly of the economy as a “just in case” measure.

Almost a year ago — the day of the inauguration — I declared Mr. Obama’s presidency a failure. I wasn’t entirely kidding. The new president was entirely a creature of the campaign — all speeches, no action. All theory, no real world experience. A year has proven that his presidency was pretty much doomed the day he started governing.

Hype and marketing can close a deal — especially when your last purchase was such a lemon. But the empty promises and the false hopes that were peddled make the buyer’s remorse all the more powerful.


  1. CJ says:

    Well said! You’ve summarized what I thought all along: Obama (as they say in TX) is all hat and no cattle.

    To all the moderates who got swayed by his dashing smile and flowery, empty rhetoric: TOLD YA SO!

  2. Frank R says:

    Anyone who read his position papers, posted on his campaign website for all to see, could have predicted the direction of his policies. I find it an awesome bit of cognitive dissonance that some are surprised or shocked or puzzled by his grab for more government power. I find it jaw dropping amazing that people still defend things like Obamacare or the stimulus (1st and pending 2nd) as the right solutions. Solutions which they believe will not bankrupt us or increase costs and decrease quality of services. It indicates an inability to think (critically or not) and severe inability to connect cause and effect.
    We live in a time when what we feel is all important. Moral outrage provides the yardstick by which all actions are measured. Tie the issue to moral outrage and facts fly out the window. Thus, we have a president who yesterday scolded bankers and indignantly said we want our money back. Yet, an apparently ignorant or lazy media fails to pick up on the fact that 1. all but $60M has been returned, 2. our president wants to impose a fee which will garner a return of $90M, 3. we (the government, hence the taxpayers) have already made some $42M-$50M on the assets owned by the government. I am waiting for the shock and indignation that Mr. O’s proposed fee on banks will be passed on to consumers.
    As a final note of insult, we are treated to the latest payment to the unions, to which Mr. Obama is beholden. Now the Unions will get a temporary dispensation on the tax on Cadillac insurance plans. The promise is that the union members will eventually be able to get their health insurance through exchanges, which are supposed to service only those who can’t get insurance elsewhere. Hmmm, anyone want to guess the direction of things there?

  3. Doubts says:

    All hat and no cattle is right.

    And as far as the One’s solutions and policies we have another southern saying.
    That dog won’t hunt.

  4. Peterk says:

    Obama is a prime example of someone who easily talks the walk, but can’t even crawl the talk

  5. keith johnson says:

    There’s Hope & Change in the air; the latest polls have Brown ahead in MA.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What a shame that libertarian ideas have not registered on opinion polls.

  7. Frank R says:

    Gosh, Anonymous, I would think that there are more than a few libertarians who are among the 60% + who disapprove of Obamacare and the way the Obama is handling the economy.
    As usual your post adds no value.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “As usual your post adds no value.”

    I guess I can be a Libertarian too!

  9. Frank R says:

    Trey I am not so certain that cap and trade is DOA. Obama is going to use the threat of EPA regulation of CO2 through the Clean Air Act as impetus to get the bill through. He is hungry to bring cap and trade to the next climate meeting.

  10. Doubts says:

    awww sounds like Anonymous (webspeak for chickenshit) had liberty envy.

    and Frank, I wouldn’t worry about the next climate change meeteing, it will probably be snowed out as well.

  11. Frank R says:

    Doubts, I’m not worried about the next meeting. I am concerned that Obama will unleash the EPA to regulate CO2 under the Clean Air Act unless Congress passes Cap and Trade. The EPA has already set the stage for doing so. I am far less worried that the nations of the world will agree on any drastic proposals.

  12. amanda says:

    I’m halfway thru “Game Change,” and as Trey has pointed out, the “hope and change” was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. The media wanted the “change” and the lingering effects of Clinton’s economic policy demanded ‘change”…all it took was some kids with journalism degrees, a left leaning, and the rest is history.

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Black Jimmy Carter. Only, it took Carter a bit longer to destroy his legacy…


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