In Print This Month — C’est Moi

My column on the hunt for a new top cop for Dallas is up on the web now.

Read it here.Picture 1

Also, I get some kind words from Rudy Bush at City Hall.


  1. Lanzman says:

    Interesting . . .

  2. amanda says:

    Good stuff. I’d almost forgotten the comedic stylings of Bolton.

    Interesting about the pool of talent, and the cities who are in the mix for those folks… I hope you can stay on this story as it unfolds.

  3. A couple of points.

    1) DPA president Senior Corporal Glenn White said, “I’ve been here 32 years, and police work has changed significantly.”

    GOOD! My dad had a significant head start on my career and in April he will celebrate his 35th year in law enforcement. His early career is one horror story after another of things you used to be able to get away with, but would today land you in a Federal Prison.

    I know people are concerned about the militarization of the police, and to a degree, rightfully so. But, compared to just 30 years ago, today’s police are the kinder and gentler variety.

    2) “Thus Atlanta’s chief, Richard Pennington, is theoretically in play. He’s an Arkansan who topped the New Orleans cop shop, too.”

    When was he Chief in New Orleans? If he was there in 2005… Ugh.

  4. Tim R. says:

    Don’t have an opinion on the content, but do have one on the style:

    Your punctuation and grammar (or the editor’s?) mirrors my own. Scary.