‘Let Me Be Clear’ is the New ‘I Am Not a Crook’

You know who loves to say it.

It’s spreading.

“Let me be clear: I denounce any allegation that I have ever profited personally through my work with Yele Haiti. These baseless attacks are simply not true.”


  1. FBI Broke Law says:

    FBI broke law for years in phone record searches

    The FBI illegally collected more than 2,000 U.S. telephone call records between 2002 and 2006 by invoking terrorism emergencies that did not exist or simply persuading phone companies to provide records, according to internal bureau memos and interviews. FBI officials issued approvals after the fact to justify their actions.


  2. Frank R says:

    Obama uses “let me be clear” whenever he is preparing to lie (yes, he does lie), muddle reality or prevaricate.

  3. Barney Frank On.. says:

    Barney Frank On The Right Of The Senate Minority To Filibuster: “Shut it down.”


  4. I read this earlier in the day. Howard Dean just finished a seven minute rant on MSNBC. His first words were “Let me be clear…”

    I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

  5. Frank R says:

    We need term limits.