PSA for Hippies, Vegans and Other Weaklings



  1. Tim Lebsack says:

    I recall an episode from many years ago, sitting down for lunch with a lady at the Lakewood Bar & Grill with hopes that this appointment would turn into a beautiful one-afternoon-stand.

    I ordered the Meat Burger, created from the ground up flesh of dead cattle, no additional processing needed for the burger to be both tasty and nutritious.

    She ordered the Veggie Burger, created from the ground up flesh of dead plants, combined with the chemistry necessary to make this brown patty possess the qualities that make meat special.

    My mistake was questioning her vegetarian principles. asking why she didn’t “Just eat vegetables”.

    Red Flag term in the presence of vegetarians – Artificial Meat.

  2. Daniel says:

    Well, Tim, you apparently fell into the category identified by the flier as “vegan-curious.”

    You were casual, but not non-judgmental, and missed an opportunity to connect.

  3. Frank R says:

    As a carnivore I have no issue with someone who wants to be vegetarian or vegan. I admit to finding them a bit misguided, but it’s their choice. I harbor no moral judgments against them. I ask that they do the same. Unfortunately, too many of them are evangelical vegetarians.

  4. Phillip J Hubbell says:

    My daughter once announced that she wanted to become a vegetarian and told her fine but she would have to take up either hunting or fishing. Wasn’t going to have her be a vegetarian for the wrong reasons. She lasted about 3 days.

  5. Daniel says:

    There are no right reasons to become a vegetarian, although being a damn fool is every man’s inalienable right.

    On that, I think we all agree.