Could Medina Beat Perry? Burka Suggests It Could Happen

And I don’t disagree with his take.

The bonus — aside from seeing Perry and Hutchison taken to the woodshed — would be the tea party movement showing its independence from any single leader, including Sarah Palin who just endorsed Perry.WGS-Debra-Medina-GU_101027e

And after the Massachusetts upset, a Texas upset where the incumbent from the right is likewise tossed could cement the credibility of this fiscally focused independent wave.

I may pull for Medina based on this picture alone. She’s a Glock babe. Awe-some.


  1. Anonymous says:

    The poll numbers look promising, but we’ll know she’s a threat when the fundraising numbers look good, and when the establishment candidates attack her with a smear campaign.

    PS. Polls show Rand Paul leading in the US Senate race in Kentucky. Could 2010 be the year of the outsider?

  2. Huh? says:

    Medina’s for secure borders. As a libertarian, aren’t you for unlimited third-world immigration into the United States? There should be a free market in labor, after all!

  3. Commenter Huh? — You’re not… you’re not that bright, really, are you?

    I’m not criticizing — everyone has a place in life, and I’m glad there are people out there to whom I can point and say to my daughter, “See? That’s why you do your homework every night.”

  4. BearTM says:

    Commentator Huh also appears to be a good example for explaining why women shouldn’t drink while pregnant.

  5. A Palin endorsement is the political kiss-of-death, as well it should be.

  6. Huh? says:

    Genuine libertarians must support unlimited immigration. Given two private willing parties, a buyer and a seller, of labor in this case, with one of them inside the US and one outside, and given there is no force and no fraud, the very essence of libertarianism is that the government cannot intervene in such a transaction.

    Therefore, the buyer of labor in the US is free to take delivery of the goods purchased, which may require the seller of labor outside the country to enter the US to perform the agreed-upon labor.

    It’s rather cut and dried.

  7. Tim Lebsack says:

    Which statement is true ?

    1) genuine Democrats must support collectivism

    2) genuine Democrats must support coerced collectivism

  8. Huh? says:

    3) Genuine Democrats must support whatever Barack Obama tells them to support. :)

  9. randye says:

    Trey, that was one helluva kill-shot you laid on Rodger at DMN. Clean, almost bloodless termination.

  10. It would be important to note that there are a lot of ways at looking at immigration. Having an open immigration policy is important, but you should also have secure borders in this unfortunate time.

    But… you have to weigh this against the idea that we have set ourselves down the road of crazy entitlements, that are absolutley not Libertarian.
    So there is a conflict…. some Libertarians (party like) say that we first must end entitlements before allowing people to come over willy nilly.

    But there is something else, many people play by the rules, those employers that play by the rules ie pay income taxes etc for their employees are punished and it is not an even & free market.

    Even more so, we risk going to jail if we do not abide and pay taxes, but some can come to this country and start a small business out of a garage, that pays no income or sales or any other type of tax.
    Pricing other small businesses out of the market this is NOT the free market that Libertarians dream of.

    So… it is not cut and dried there are many aspects of our immigration policy that need to be considered.

    A Libertarian may be acting on Libertarian instincts to disallow immigration since it would not be a free market, and other government interventions would prove problematic to a completely open border theme.

    In an ideal world, immigration would be completely open.
    We don’t live in an ideal world.
    Personally I am for as open a policy as possible.

  11. On a side note Medina is a friend of mine.

    She is great, and even if you disagree with her on one issue (immigration) that still makes her light years ahead of Rick Perry.

    Very few candidates are a 100% match for anyone.

  12. I support Medina says:

    @ Anonymous on February 10th

    Great call! Beck has started the smear campaign already!

  13. keith johnson says:

    â– John Jay Myers on February 10th, 2010 11:20 pm
    It would be important to note that there are a lot of ways at looking at immigration. Having an open immigration policy is important, but you should also have secure borders in this unfortunate time.

    Please explain to me how we can have an “open immigration policy” and “secure” borders at the same time. Why do we even want an open immigration policy, coming to the United States isn’t a universal entitlement.

    “In an ideal world, immigration would be completely open.” John Jay Myers
    Really? Why don’t you just call for abolishing the nation state.

  14. Carter Class of '72 says:

    Trey, that isn’t a Glock she’s holding, that’s a Springfield Armory XD. The logo is clearly visible on top of the slide just forward of the chamber.