Dallas-Area Hooters Manager Busted by Hooters CEO

I never liked Hooters — bad wings, and if I want to see T&A I’ll go to The Lodge.

Now I have another reason not to go for lousy food and orange spandex — the fact the CEO didn’t fire this fat, clueless misogynist on the spot.


  1. Dallasite says:

    I love their wings, but the Lodge definitely has better talent.

    The manager’s a douche, and should be back at the job he was cut out for, being someone’s prison bitch.

  2. amanda says:

    The “reality” show genre is completely scripted and down to the edit planned. Get a grip.

    The manager was a known offender, and the show used that for content. He may have even been hired as such.

    The CEO is in a huge estate fight with his father’s wife. The show is a part of his legal maneuvering.

    In other news, I’ve got a really nice Pinto I’d like to sell y’all…

  3. I really was in third grade before I started doubting Santa Claus.


  4. Frank R says:

    The appropriate thing would have been to dress him up in a waitress’s uniform and then assign him to the kitchen washing dishes away from the customers. Kitchens are notoriously testosterone charged environments. How long would he have lasted?

  5. randye says:

    Amanda, you gotta cite for this being entirely scripted, or is this just something “everybody knows”?

  6. amanda says:

    Gee, Ranye (jaunty spelling, BTW), it comes from 16 years in the business.

  7. Willie says:

    So, amanda, you’re answer is no. It’s “fact” because you’ve said so.

  8. amanda says:

    They are set up and scripted. All of them. Not because I say so, because that’s how the shows work. Period.

    If you want to watch unscripted programming, those are called documentaries. Different genre.

    If they weren’t scripted and set up, there would be no need for story boards. And, reality shows have story boards with situations the characters will be involved in…these are called “type scenes.”

  9. keith johnson says:

    I didn’t know they sold food and drink at Hooters

  10. Tim R. says:

    People (read: “guys”) don’t go to hooters for the wings.

    Of course this show is scripted to a point. That’s why they go through the same routine on every episode. Do they script the dialogue? Probably not, but they do have preset pieces they go through, kind of like a radio show in the morning.

    Guy was a douche. The fact he felt it okay to act that way when he was on camera makes his obliviousness even more troubling.

    The video showed about six or seven Title VII violations alone.

  11. Destiny says:

    I love the fact that the CEO of such an upstanding eatery, where the women wear hot pants and suggestive fowls with nipple shaped eyes across their tank tops is a class act, no, dare I say a humanitarian to you guys….but yet, the fella who makes them scarf down a plate of beans is a “misogynist.” Makes me question who’s really clueless here.

  12. I wouldn’t say he’s a humanitarian. He’s a pussy. He should have had the manager fired on the spot.

    I don’t go to Hooters, but it’s not exactly a new thing that sex sells.

    Selling sexual allure is one thing. His behavior and not-veiled anger towards the employees was something else entirely.

  13. Destiny says:

    Pot calling the kettle black and then a skillet blogging about it.

  14. Ima get the race card out.

  15. Destiny says:

    Sorry. {CORRECTION} Pot calling the skillet black and then the cracker blogging about it.

  16. Better.

  17. Daniel says:

    Oh, and nipple-shaped eyes isn’t a class act why? Because you say so? Got a cite for that, or is it something “everybody just knows”? I’m guessing you have never had a loved one with nipple-shaped eyes. I’m guessing you have never put in the long, thankless hourse of driving a child to school, soccer practice, piano lessons, etc., when that child has nipple-shaped eyes.Ignorance is bliss, but if your child does have nipple shaped eyes — and a navel-shaped nose — I would suggest you hold him or her extra close tonight.

    Oh, and Amanda, **** your ******, you ****, and **** a ***** inside your *****!

  18. amanda says:

    Daniel, as hard as you try, you will never, every be able to fill the silky, draped just so, heavily tailored, magenta pants of one JEJ. And, this, sir is tragic.

    Dang it, I’ve done everything but leave our former blog partner (not in THAT way) a spicy voice mail to get his ass to post something.

    Maybe the 12 steppers got him.