Dallas Police: We Don’t Need No Steenkin’ Warrant

Constitution, Schmonstitution. Dallas Police are counting on intimidation and ignorance to search people’s homes without a warrant.

Remember, kids — police without search warrants have the same limits as vampires; they can’t enter your home unless you invite them.

Do what Nancy Reagan says: Just Say No


  1. Paladin says:

    Glad I don’t live in Dallas, although I drive within the city limits often and this would apply to vehicles as well as home searches I’m sure. I’m constantly amazed at how many people are afraid to say no, when asked by a police officer for permission to search a vehicle or a house.

    I generally “Back the Blue” almost 100% of the time. However, it’s important that people realize that regardless of how friendly the police seem to be toward you – if you become a “person of interest”, what’s good for you is not at the top of their priority list. They are allowed to flat out lie to you and mislead you when asking you questions, and their recall can be just as faulty as yours and mine. Once you get on their radar, though, they can get tunnel vision.

    I watched an awesome video once that featured a homicide detective advising people to NOT talk to the police without an attorney present – pretty much ever.

  2. It’s scary to think that if you say “no thanks, not without a warrant”, you may then become a target of interest.
    They may say “this is the house that wouldn’t let us search” etc. to their compadres.
    Not good.

  3. Doubts says:

    IMHO If you are ignorant enough to allow a non warrant search of your person or property then you deserve what happens to you. In fact you are probably better off in state custody where your stupidity can not endanger you or others.

  4. Better Obey says:

    If one refuses to allow a police officer to search one’s home without a warrant, maybe the officer’s “gut instinct” will tell him that he’s found a “bad guy”, and the SWAT team will be by later for a pre-dawn, no-knock raid.

  5. Tim Lebsack says:

    “We’ve been very successful with very large amounts of seizures of narcotics, money, and guns and individuals.”
    This is wrong on several levels.

  6. keith johnson says:

    I’m with my Libertarian friends on this one. I resent Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking on my door, I sure as hell don’t want the local cops I’ve observed over the last couple of years standing on my porch “asking” to come in and snoop around.
    I’m somewhat familiar with the law and I know my rights, but I know I’d worry later about the consequences of refusing the police entry.
    I know some police officers that support this; those same officers would have a conniption fit if their own Internal Affairs officers showed up at their house “asking” to come in and look around.

  7. Dommerdog says:

    Hmmm. Wonder what they’d do if they found more than five phallic sex toys during one of these knock and chats. Is that still a felony?

  8. Doubts says:

    Mr Lesback brings up a scary point i had almost forgotten. These are the same cops who support unconstitutional forfeiture laws that allow the state to seize personal property with no due process.
    I am all about backing the blue when they are doing their vital and difficult job, but when that job description begins to include stomping on my unalienable rights I show the jackboots to the door.

  9. Complainers says:

    Maybe some of you are simply anti-cop wingnuts. Maybe you associate with Truthers and Birthers.

    If you have nothing to hide, you’ll let the police search your home.

    On the topic of asset forfeiture, law-abiding citizens don’t need to carry large amounts of cash, more than $200. Use trackable credit and debit cards for larger transactions.

    Obey the law and do as you’re told, and you’ll be a productive citizen.

  10. Phillip J Hubbell says:

    Wow…complainers…that was funny. Unfortunately there are real idiots out there who think that’s true.

  11. Doubts says:

    Maybe complainers would like to post his home address then. I bet he would let all of us search it since he has nothing to hide. Each and every one of us has the same rights to search his home as a cop without a warrant does.
    While he is at it lets post all his financial transaction on line sine he believes that we should all use traceable sources of funds instead of perfectly legal government issued currency.

  12. Tim R. says:

    Just so you know: Anyone at your house can give consent to enter and search, even the neighbor’s kid who just happens to be there when the police come by.

    You can thank the Rehnquist Court for that little nicety of “ends justifying the means” in favor of police power.

    And let’s not forget the confidential informant aspect too. A CI can provide enough probable cause to justify a warrant that will withstand a 4th Amendment challenge. Even a CI who’s been offered a deal.

    Welcome to 1984.

  13. Complainers says:

    Much of the Bill of Rights obstructs legitimate police work. Someone who asserts his rights to a police officer is probably guilty of a crime, or a nutty Truther or Birther.

  14. Complainers says:


    Are you another libertarian who’s smoked so much weed his brain cells are fried? The discussion is about police searches, not searches by private citizens. Your Orwellian notions of private citizens inspecting each other’s homes and financial records are rather unsettling.

  15. Tim R. says:

    Complainers: “Someone who asserts his rights to a police officer is probably guilty of a crime, or a nutty Truther or Birther.”

    This is an appalling view of the Bill of Rights and also known as “cop logic”.

    I can assert my rights all I want and doing so is not grounds for assuming that I’m guilty of a crime. They are MY Rights anyway and I can assert them anywhere and anytime I choose without the government restricting them.

    Every assertion of rights is not just a shield for law breaking. Asserting rights is protecting the Constitution from encroachment by a tyrant.

  16. Complianers says:

    Criminals hide behind the Constitution. Good citizens obey the police without question.

    And “encroachment by a tyrant”? Are you delusional? Do you see a tyrant somewhere? What’s his name?

  17. Tim R. says:

    So, me asserting my right to “keep and bear arms” or to demand the police present a warrant before I let them in my house makes me a criminal?

    Are you serious? I’m laughing at the inanity of such a proposition. My rights exist as a check on government power, period.

    James Madison: “I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of freedoms of the people by gradual and silent encroachment of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”

    Namely, the Patriot Act…

  18. Doug says:

    “Namely, the Patriot Act…”

    In all seriousness, either list all the thousands upon thousands of horrible acts that have been inflicted upon American citizens specifically because of the Patriot Act that people like you obviously believe have occured, or quit bitching about it. In every single libertarian forum everywhere on the net there’s always two things put forth without any evidence 1) Bush and Cheney were behind 9-11 and 2) the Patriot Act is just the worstest thing evah for realz. So either start presenting evidence or get used to being irrelevant.

  19. The Patriot Act takes away peoples rights to a fair trial. Which you may or may not know is the only Right from the Bill of Rights that made it into the constitution itself. It was also mentioned as a reason for the Declaration of Independence.
    Our founders recognized that if you could just say “you are guilty” without a trial it would just be a matter of time before people would use that power to declare themselves judge and jury.
    That type of power is in the patriot act. That is unacceptable.

    Right now over 100 people have been arrested in the United States and are being held in Guantanamo Bay based on the power they unconstitutionally claim from the Patriot Act.

    I do not give two cents who they are, if they are in America they have the right to be tried and found guilty, not sent to a prison for 8 years so we can decide if they are guilty…. maybe.

    The Declaration of Independence spells out that we are all endowed by our creator with unalienable rights, (all meaning all) only at the end does it say to ensure these rights governments are instituted among men…. So we have rights no matter what.
    Let us move forward, the Constitution then says:
    6th Amendment right to a fair trial
    7th amendment right to a trial by jury
    8th amendment right against cruel or unusual punishment…..

    Then the 14th amendment comes in and seals the deal to say “that all people UNDER our Jurisdiction are entitled to these same rights”

    I don’t care if 1 person has their rights violated, that one person could be you, and even though I don’t care for the tone of your last response, I will still fight for your right to be free and do and say what you please.
    Without whisking you off to prison for years on end without a trial to prove your guilt.

    Not sure if you noticed this or not be we are incrementally heading in a direction where our constitution is being ignored and our rights are being abused and tested.

    So I am going to stand up every time and say no more.

  20. Doug says:

    Hope you had fun writing that long comment, because you used a lot of words to say nothing, it’s just the usual vague crap, no examples of american citizens having their rights taken from them by the patriot act. For years libertarians have whined about the patriot act and you still can’t offer any specific examples of it’s supposed horrors. What’s really funny, or sad really, about that is you’re the same people who have spent the past 9 years mocking others for saying terrorism is a threat, and yet you wet your panties over literally nothing, you can’t show one example of what you’re so frightened of. eh, whatever, this argument quit being interesting around ’05, good luck convincing people that the american government is more of a threat than terrorism and don’t forget to blame America first, Dr. Paul would want it that way.

  21. Disregard what I said about caring if you get thrown into gitmo.
    ; )

    To continue the conversation would be pointless, you don’t want answers, anyone that thinks terrorists hate us because “we are free” or because “we are different religions” is too far gone.

    But thanks for praising Dr. Paul, I hear he got more donations from the troops than all the other Republican Candidates put together.
    Hmmm…. odd.
    What was his stance again?

    So while every Republican DB is out there saying “I support the troops” ……apparently the troops support Ron Paul.

    Didn’t he just today win the CPAC poll on 2012 by a landslide?

  22. keith johnson says:

    John Jay, would you prefer 3rd world enemy combatants captured on foreign battlefields were brought to the COUSA and given lawyers?
    Why do the terrorists hate us? Because we’re “occupiers”? (code name for the Jews occupying “Palestine?”

  23. You did get the answer right, they hate us because we are there…. in many different facets. They hate us because we are there dictating who does what with whoms oil as well.
    They hate us because while pretending to install Democracy we in some instances destroying it (see Iran 1953) and in other instances we derail it, see Pakistan with Musharraf.
    But the fact that you know these things brings up the point…. so do you like being lied to? I mean we have an entire political party worth of people who believe “they hate us ‘cuz wer free”.

    It’s hard to make the right choices and come up with good answers when the facts are at the least distorted.

    Is low price oil and the safety of American citizens are interest? Then the answer is simple, bring the troops home and let them sell their own oil.
    The money we save in not spending 1 trillion a year maintaining foreign bases etc, would easily make up for a slight up tick in prices (if any) via taxes and the loss of value of our currency As well as strengthen the dollar our non-interventionist foreign policy would then lead to less hate and would for the most part irradicate the growing threat from countries that hate our foreign policy.

    Remove the Department of Energy which is there to ensure big oils dominance in our lives. It was created in 1976 to get us off foreign oil, at that time we were importing 20%. Now we are importing 70%, we have created nearly no new nuclear plants where countries like France are almost entirely nuclear powered.
    We have done nothing to remove our dependency on oil itself where 96% of the vehicles sold in Brazil in 2009 use no oil.
    But I forgot to mention that we have paid 24 billion dollars a year for the honor of this nightmarish department.

    It seems around 1976 a metal bar was thrown into the cogs of our energy industry. I would hate to…but I am going to have to play the Atlas Shrugged card at this time. It’s just such a great example of how business controls government, and keeps competition from occuring.

    Now… I realize this is not directly answering your question, but I have to always say first… we should not be there at all. Before speaking to how we should treat enemy combatants that may be people fighting to keep us out of their countries. Lord knows if China was driving through this country checking my wifes goods at check points I would be an insurgent really fast. I would be on my roof with my rifle making new friends.
    (Israel is a big bad to the bone boy…. who can take care of themselves.)

    We have not declared a war, so I am not even sure what these people are, I would rather have them shot on the battlefield if we had declared a war. And if you capture someone in war normally you take them prisoner and hold them until the war is over. But again, we have not declared war. I don’t predict an end in sight. (not that I wouldn’t work towards declaring this over immediately).
    So it seems like even if we do try them are we finding them guilty of attacking us in a war?
    What is the penalty for attacking someone in a war under the Geneva convention?
    Would you not rather try them in a court as a criminal…then you would have the right to light them on fire in the electric chair if you like.

    But of course this is for those who carried out their plans here. Not for those thousands of miles away.

    Sorry I am typing this fast, and my daughter is pulling my arm telling me it’s time to go swimming….

  24. I probably should have just posted this:


  25. keith johnson says:

    Too much of hate American/blame America in that screed for me to address JJM. Do the Saudis hate us because we saved them from Saddam? Do the Afghans hate us because we provided Stinger missiles for them to use against the USSR?
    Do the middle east countries as a whole hate us for the foreign aid we send them?
    Is it at all conceivable that the political ideology they subscribe to, camouflaged in religion, is why they hate us?
    Danny Pearl, an American Jew, was murdered in Pakistan. Amadinajab (sp) calls for the destruction of Israel from Iran. Neither Pakistan or Iran border Israel, they are not Palestinians, yet their credo is the wholesale slaughter of Jews. Why is that?
    You go all the way back to 1953 in regards to Iran; the protesters taking to the streets in Tehran, agitating for western democracy, weren’t even born then.
    You say we’re there, as the reason they hate us-well they’re here. Walked into a gas station lately?
    Enemy combatants fighting to keep us out of their countries? Do you know any war vets? Do you read the news? Half of these scumbags come from all over the Middle East to kill our troops in Afghanistan or Iraq. They’re not freedom fighters, they’re mercenarys for Allah. We’re not dictating anything to these people, hell our president bows to the King of Saudi Arabia.
    I’m done here.

  26. “Do the Afghans hate us because we provided Stinger missiles for them to use against the USSR?”
    Some do
    “Do the middle east countries as a whole hate us for the foreign aid we send them?”
    Since we send 3 Billion to Israel some also resent that, because if you a dollar for dollar we send much more per ciitizen to Israel than all the rest of the middle east, if we stayed out of it…. we would not be hated by any side (see Switzerland).

    “Is it at all conceivable that the political ideology they subscribe to, camouflaged in religion, is why they hate us?”
    No… they hate us because we are in their countries. The stupid ones are radicalized by their leaders into believing it’s religious so they will be more useful terrorists.

    “Amadinajab (sp) calls for the destruction of Israel from Iran.”
    No respectable European News source reports this because it was taken out of context.

    “yet their credo is the wholesale slaughter of Jews. Why is that?”
    I will have to tell my friend who happens to be an Iranian Jew about this, this will come to quite a shock to her. She will need to warn her family based on your advice.
    There are also Jewish members of the Iranian Parliament, so much for hating all jews, but don’t worry our main stream media will be back with more information on why we should attack Iran tomorrow.
    Much like those pesky WMD’s.

    “You go all the way back to 1953 in regards to Iran; the protesters taking to the streets in Tehran, agitating for western democracy, weren’t even born then.”
    That’s just a starting point. Iran was a Democracy, I think we may want to focus on whether our elections are fair, before trapsing around the world making sure theirs are.
    But more than that, I could have a 2 hour conversation on how our news gets Iran wrong. They protested for 3 days without being arrested, in the United States the protestors were Gassed at the RNC rally within 45 minutes while just sitting in grass.
    What caused the police to arrest those people in Iran was the fact that they were burning down buildings….. What do we do in the United States when people light buildings and cars on fire?
    None of this means that they shouldn’t try for more democracy there, but that’s not what this is about. What this is about is that it is none of our business, and obviously we are being led to believe something other than the truth, (at least you are… I don’t listen to what Fox says about Iran.)

    “You say we’re there, as the reason they hate us-well they’re here. Walked into a gas station lately?”
    Yes…. they like me…. because I am friendly. I guess they can sense a chip on someones shoulder.

    “Do you know any war vets?” Yes two work for me, two of my brothers and my Father, and again that brings us to who got more donations from the troops then all other Republicans put together?

    “Do you read the news?” Apparently from this dialog a lot more than some.

    “Half of these scumbags come from all over the Middle East to kill our troops in Afghanistan or Iraq. They’re not freedom fighters, they’re mercenarys for Allah.”

    Listen, I realize that if you ask “should our troops die” the answer is no, we need to do whatever we can to make them safe…. but that has nothing to do with our foreign policy, we have to remember they are two different things. Or we are going to find ourselves in bad shape.

    Supporting the troops does not mean blindly jumping into foreign affairs where questioning it somehow means you don’t “support our troops”.

  27. keith johnson says:

    Overall, this country sends more money to Muslim countries than it does to Israel.
    You call for open borders in our country, yet sympathize with the sovereignty of Middle Eastern countries, to the extent that you justify the murder of American citizens and our troops.

    ““You say we’re there, as the reason they hate us-well they’re here. Walked into a gas station lately?”
    Yes…. they like me…. because I am friendly. I guess they can sense a chip on someones shoulder.” JJM

    I get the insult-it’s unbecoming and undeserved.
    I have no business engaging in these conversations.

  28. If any of that sounds snarky I am sorry…. but if you are going to start insenuating I hate America, that’s where I draw the line.
    I LOVE AMERICA which is why I fight so hard.
    Let me ask you a question, If I said “Damn politicians have screwed our economy up, they spend and spend… and they are destroying this country.”
    Would that mean I hate America?
    I would think it means I care about America.

    But if I say it “our foreign policy is screwed up, it is not an example of what our founders had in mind, and now we are off trying to be the worlds police” All of the sudden a distaste for that policy is Un-American?

    I will tell you what is Un-American… saying that someones opinion of our foreign policy is “hating America”. Getting ourselves into this nightmare which is breaking this country seems to be “hating America” to me.

  29. Big Money says:

    More news on how the Israelis spend big money manipulating American public opinion in order to influence US foreign policy.


  30. For the neo prohibitionists says:

    The little-told story of how the U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition with deadly consequences.


  31. Daniel says:

    If you have nothing to hide, you’ll let the police search your home? As a sarcastic bastard in good standing, I think I’m recognizing a kindred spirit in the entity known as “Complainers.”

    Sure as shit, sir, I hope so.