Random Thoughts Too Long or Meh for Twitter

  • For all its faults, the American judicial system does hold the state accountable in most every area. (Except taxation, which is a topic for another day.) I got a ticket for an expired registration, but the cop accidentally wrote “expired inspection.” I was trying to just pay my fee at the clerk’s window when she pointed this out, noting that the officer can’t change it now and if I can bring in proof my inspection is current — and it is — it would be dismissed.
  • I’ve been watching myself on video for a new long-term project I’m working on — yeah, on-camera talent, that’s me — and I notice that as I get older, the more I look like one of those people who come out and really shock the judges on “Britain’s Got Talent” because I can sing well. Only I can’t sing well.
  • Also, I’m “straight skinny” but “gay/on-camera fat.” Lovely. No more carbs.
  • People who get arrested for shoplifting at Wal*Mart aren’t really setting their sights that high. Also, they look exactly like you expect.
  • Black socks make my feet smell funny in a way that white socks don’t. I’m sure someone can make something racist of this observation.
  • Even though the British people have become gelded dependents in every other part of life, BBC still puts out some of the most politically incorrect stuff you’d never get on American TV.


  1. Bethany says:

    Even if it’s a myth, reducing carbon emissions means your kid doesn’t have to breath crappy air. You don’t have to breath crappy air. I liked not breathing crappy air, and would like to one day not breath crappy air again.

    So I don’t mind a push to uncrappify the air.

  2. David says:


    Since the air that we exhale is considered a pollutant, how would you push to regulate that?

    Make no mistake – People like Trey and me are NOT opposed to measures designed to “uncrappify the air”. We are opposed to taking punitive steps based on a myth. We are opposed to governments micro-managing our lives based on a religious hoax.

  3. amanda says:

    It’s about to get all Bethany Anderson up in here.

  4. Carbon is good for plants and trees and flowers. Man’s contribution to carbon in the atmosphere is something like less than a single percent of all carbon, which is just 3 percent of all carbon in the air.

    I agree with not polluting the air. I don’t think of carbon as a pollutant despite what the nitwits at the EPA declare.

  5. Bethany says:

    A good walk on a summer’s day in Dallas…IJS

  6. Prufrock says:

    Does the last point refer to anything in particular? Been watching Mock the Week?

  7. Frank R says:

    Bethany, the problem with the Dallas air on a summer’s day has to do with ozone. Ozone is created by heat reacting with other gases, not CO2. CO2 has nothing to do with crappy air. All of the grandiose plans to lower CO2 have NOTHING to do with cleaning other pollutants out of the air. Unfortunately, the people pushing this issue, the environmentalists, a handful of climate scientist, politicians and the journalists which must have taken basket weaving instead of science, all encourage this confusion.

  8. Peterk says:

    Speaking of AGW I love the faux outrage exhibited by Andrew Revkin on his NYT science blog

    what he fails to tell people is that he was in tight with the AGW promoters and here he is getting all upset because the CEI is FOIing NASA records

  9. Nigel McPoshington says:

    “on-camera talent”

    Youtube videos, old boy?

    Yes, your presentation could use some work. The gun buy-back video fiasco tremendously disappointed the Garrison fan base, I’m sure.

    Nevertheless, I’m sure you’ll suss the on-camera career out!

    Good luck!

  10. Anonymous says:

    “We are opposed to taking punitive steps based on a myth. ”

    Where was all this “libertarian” conscientiousness when Bush II was invading Iraq based on WMD fairy tales and ignoring the ponzi scheme on Wall Street?

  11. Tom says:

    And everyone has to pay their TV taxes to watch the BBC. At least here it’s only on PBS, cable or satellite.

  12. MaxGirth says:

    If you’re looking fat on camera, you should talk with your shooter. :ramen:

  13. Pilgrimway says:

    I think “Anonymous” is a retard, in a Rahm Emmanuel sort of way.

  14. Look says: