The Party of No Has Too Many Saying Yes, Please

zodiac-pig-picIf Dallas people want a streetcar, we should pay for it. We shouldn’t stick our nose in the troth trough and ask the rest of America to support our pet projects. Thanks, Pete. You have a little slop on your collar, there.

The National Republican Congressional Committee, led by Texas Representative Pete Sessions, released a video montage of clips edited to show a series of news anchors and commentators asking “Where are the jobs?”

Sessions, who called the stimulus “a massive spending binge by the Democrat-controlled Congress,” wrote LaHood three times last September and October. Sessions promoted four projects, including a Dallas streetcar line he said “will create jobs in the region and improve the quality of life for North Texans.” The project got $23 million.

Sessions, in an e-mail, called the stimulus an “abject failure” and said he’d vote against it again if he could.

The lawmaker said his objections don’t keep him “from asking federal agencies for their full consideration of critical infrastructure and competitive grant projects for North Texas when asked to do so by my constituents.” Sessions has written agencies supporting six other grants, spokeswoman Emily Davis said.


  1. Got literacy? says:


    LOL. And your a professional writer? I heap scorn and ridicule on you, sir.

  2. This is a touchy subject, because it’s like a Chinese finger trap.

    The Federal Government comes up with a budget, to which they would like to spend a truck load of money. (unconstitutional)
    When they do this, you have the opportunity to vote no on the entire budget including earmarks that are put in.

    An ear mark is a way of saying, if the Federal Government is going to spend a truck load of money, here is how I would like to have some of it spent.

    So there is a question raised. Do you want to decide how Federal Money is going to be spent and try to spend it in your district (since you are paying for it with debt and tax dollars)?

    Or would you rather they decide how to spend it? Which would probably mean another Congressman would direct it towards his district.

    Ideally you would put in earmarks that benefit your community in the most general of ways, without benefitting business at the sake of your constituents.
    BUT in the end you would vote against the entire Bill,
    Because it’s unconstitutional and the Federal Government shouldn’t be spending money on these types of projects as Trey says.

    So you vote against it (the right thing to do) and if it passes, then your constituents are not SOL….. ie paying taxes and adding debt and receiving nothing.
    The best thing to do would be outlaw the practice of the government spending money in such an unconstitutional way (but that would be redundant).

    None of what I have just said saves Pete Sessions from the shame of consistently voting for and putting in pork that benefits his friends at the expense of his district.
    Here is my video on the subject:

  3. Got literacy? says:

    And I realize I misspelled “you’re” up there.

    On topic, Republicans in favor of small government have to bring pork to their districts. Otherwise, they might not get re-elected, and then they’d no longer be able to go to Washington and fight for small government by … er … bringing pork to their districts. Or something.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow, you mean Republicans are hypocrites just like Glenn Beck said? Who knew?

  5. Frank R says:

    Amazing. Between Anonymous and a group of “progressives” over at the
    DMN, I get more Beck and Limbaugh quotes than in an conversation with more right leaning folks. Obama seems to have the same obsession. Maybe it’s time to start watching/listening to them. Nah!

  6. amanda says:

    I just love all the woulda, coulda, and shoulda on both sides of the aisle when voters threaten to hold elected officials accountable for their actions during the previous term.

  7. Frank R says:

    Time for term limits!