This is a Candidate I Can Get Behind

KristinDavis3A sexed up modern version of Ayn Rand

Libertarian and Personal Freedom Party candidate for New York Governor Kristin Davis spoke to a gathering of 25 generally libertarian supporters at a breakfast on March 1, and made the following comment:

“I advocate returning to limited government, accompanied by a minimal amount of confiscatory taxation to support only essential services along with Pay as Go budgeting; means testing for all government assistance programs; abolition of all member item pork barrel spending, balanced budgets; actual surpluses and payments to reduce long term state debt”Davis is regarded as merely a “celebrity candidate,” however, she takes economic issues and budgetary matters quite seriously.

The former Manhattan Madame spent 4 months in an upstate prison in 2008, convicted of running an illegal escort service. Her clients included former NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer. But she used that time productively. On her reading list during her stay, included economic texts by free market illuminaries Frederich Hayek, Milton Friedman, and Ludvig von Mises. She’s also reportedly a big fan of the writings of capitalist philosopher and one-time New Yorker Ayn Rand.

It’s a given that politicians are going to screw us, so…


  1. Tim Lebsack says:

    She’s friends with Fiddy. That’s good enough for me.

  2. CJ says:

    This is a Candidate I Can Get Behind – and underneath, and on top of, and intertwined with….

  3. Dallasite says:

    Sounds like there have been a lot of people that have gotten behind her.

  4. Deep Ellum says:

    Looks like a dude, if you just frame her mug. Hate THAT when it happens.

    Good article on Buy America Bonds in the Wall Street Journal today. They are all fee’d up.

    Dallas got its snort of BABs cocaine by issuing $500 million to fund a 1,100-room convention center hotel, even though the feasibility study people refused to say it was economically feasible. And the punch line is that BABs are not revenue bonds. They are SPECIAL revenue bonds. If the project fails to pay the bond debt, then the municipality is on the hook (the taxpayer). In other words, they are pitched as revenue bonds to voters but they are de facto GO bonds (general obligation) to bond buyers. This is why they are so easy to sell, despite the lamentations by the “bankers” in the article that they need higher fees. If the bonds were backed only by the viability of the project and the debt holders could only foreclose on the project – these dogs would never sell.

    In our case the threshold rack rate for the hotel to be feasible is $237/night. Class A hotels in downtown is $138.

    It is DOA.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Now if she’d just seduce Alan Greenspan she’d be Ayn Rand incarnate.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Whore of Babylon, perhaps?

  7. Really says:

    Agree with Ellum. From my perspective that looks like a guy.

    I suppose transexualism is a libertarian core value, along with queerism, drugism, and unlimited immigration. That’s why libertarians clean up at the polls every election cycle. :)