This Seems Familiar

Isn’t this pretty much in line with the current administration’s agenda?

(Parentheticals are my own paraphrasing)


Democracy would be wholly valueless if it were not immediately used as a means for putting through measures … ensuring the livelihood of the people. The main measures, emerging as the necessary result of existing relations, are the following:

  • Limitation of private property through progressive taxation, heavy inheritance taxes.
  • Gradual expropriation of landowners, industrialists, railroad magnates and shipowners … through competition by state industry
  • (Civil asset forfeiture)
  • Organization of labor in factories and workshops, with competition among the workers being abolished and with the factory owners, in so far as they still exist, being obliged to pay the same high wages as those paid by the state. (National Card Check)
  • Centralization of money and credit in the hands of the state through a national bank
  • Increase in the number of national factories (Nationalization of banks, the auto industry, medicine)
  • Education of all children, from the moment they can leave their mother’s care, in national establishments at national cost.
  • Concentration of all means of transportation in the hands of the nation. (Public transportation, high-speed rail, light rail)

It is impossible, of course, to carry out all these measures at once. But one will always bring others in its wake. Once the first radical attack on private property has been launched, the people will find itself forced to go ever further, to concentrate increasingly in the hands of the state all capital, all agriculture, all transport, all trade.

All the foregoing measures are directed to this end; and they will become practicable and feasible, capable of producing their centralizing effects to precisely the degree that the people, through its labor, multiplies the country’s productive forces.




  1. Frank R says:

    I would say that is a pretty good summary. The sad fact is that dim witted progressives will argue that we are not on a path to socialism. Their argument is largely based on the seemingly innocuous and well intentioned policies put in place or being proposed. The truth is that socialism progresses in increments. First we must get everyone accustomed to feeding at the same trough.

  2. Daniel says:

    Gee, we just can’t begin to guess who might have said it, Trey. Jack Benny? Yogi Bera? Do tell — the suspense is killing us!

  3. Pei Soon says:

    Hey Daniel,

    Have you ever heard of Google????….it’s this brand new, totally cool thingy that lets you search for stuff on the interweb just by typing in a few words describing what you are looking for. I know, I know, it sounds impossible….and too good to believe….but I promise it’s true. In fact, I just copied and pasted (please let me know if you need more info on the complexities of “copying” and “pasting”…I’m always here to help) a few words from Trey’s posting and found this right away:

    I hope this is humiliating and helpful.



  4. amanda says:

    Simma down, Pei….Daniel is our very own court jester, and (usually) overstates (with irony) the obvious, quite nicely. The fact that you took the bait…humiliating and helpful.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this pretty much in line with the current administration’s agenda? No, no more so than the last 43 administration’s agendas. Find another conspiracy car to chase,

  6. Frank R says:

    And which one of these is NOT in line with the direction of the current administration.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I should have said YES, but no more so than the last 43 administration’s agendas. Find another conspiracy car to chase,

  8. Frank R says:

    No conspiracy. Just a long slow pull into the pit of a society in which those who can’t or won’t attempt to enslave those who can and will.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ah, yes, blame society. That’s a little more adult than blaming Obama for everything,

  10. Frank R says:

    Whatever, Anonymous. Obama’s policies are a sharp left turn, whether you see it that way or not.

  11. Daniel says:

    Thanks for the tip, Pei! Man, what’ll they think of next?! Color me embarrassed — I’ve heard people say “Google it,” but I never really knew what they were talking about (I’m a person more accustomed to working with his hands).

    I’m still having a little trouble using it — when I type in asshole, how come it gives me like millions and millions of different web sites to look at? How am I supposed to choose? — but it is for sure a “cool thingy.” Thanks again!