Brilliant Defense of Southern Heritage from a Liberal, Muslim Doctor


I am tired of apologising. I apologised for being Muslim, post-9/11 and more recently for my Pakistani origins. Now, I apologise for being a southerner too. When an environmental catastrophe erupted in my backyard, I looked to the media to scvlogo2tell our stories and instead, found quotes from experts ruminating on energy policy. Where are the restaurant owners in the French Quarter who still haven’t caught their breath after Katrina swallowed their lives? What about the fishermen? While recently rubbing elbows with fellow liberals from the east and west coasts, I felt that their disdain for the lives of the south was palpable. This led to my quest: to understand why mouths drip with condescension for the south, and particularly its people.

Read the full column here.

(Naturally she had to seek publication in a British newspaper.)


  1. The South? says:

    Is Texas “southerner”? Unlike the South, Texas was a sovereign nation for 9 years. Texas won its war of independence unlike those aristocratic assholes in the Virginia, Carolinas, and Georgia.

    Sure, Texas may have been part of the CSA, but that was probably more to do with the fact almost everybody and their grandmother that shared a border with Texas was leaving, and Texas would have been an Union island surrounded by a Confederate sea. Geopolitically it made sense for Texas to join, but Texas never had to the extent the other southern states had land-owning aristocratic assholes. Unlike the South, Texas still had a frontier.

  2. keith johnson says:

    “It must be southern racism then.”-Jilana
    What “race” are southerners? Did my race change when I moved here from the midwest?
    Ms. Jilana seems to have an unquenchable thirst for victimhood.