Compelling Profile of Rand Paul in…Salon?

Yep. Surprising, isn’t it? Rand is the physician son of Ron Paul — the old Texas OB libertarian/Republican with some great ideas, uncompromising principles, and two failed presidential runs under his belt. Ron, sadly, is neither the kind who can carry national elections nor is free from the baggage of his past.

Rand, however, is on the rise and he has none of the ancient history problems his father did, but all of his father’s commitment to principle, and a uniting personality to boot.

How Rand Paul became the Tea Party’s Obama

His father’s libertarian army and Rush Limbaugh’s “Dittoheads” aren’t natural allies. But Rand Paul has united them

Rand Paul’s success can be understood in the genealogy of the Tea Party movement. Its viral and decentralized traits, the intellectual foundations of its libertarianism, and its fundraising tactics all come from Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.

The first Tea Party event of the Obama era was arguably a Ron Paul “money bomb” fundraiser; and the story of that event is the primal example of how the medium of the Internet and the power of American mythology have combined to unify a movement of militant individualists.md_horiz


The political genius of Paul is his ability to cultivate a narrative that speaks to all strains of the Tea Party movement at once. After all, the libertarian purists who loved Ron Paul’s dissident truth-telling are not natural allies of the Limbaugh Dittoheads who dismissed him as an eccentric. He sings his libertarianism in the key of Glenn Beck – and he is writing a Republican playbook for the tea party era, turning grassroots energy into electoral power. Now, less than a week before the primary, polls show Paul’s lead over Grayson approaching 20 points. He also leads both of his potential Democratic challengers in the general election polling.

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More on Rand here.

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  1. spinnikerca says:

    Ron Paul has no ‘baggage in his past’. The most that can be said is that he KNEW some people in his past who might have had baggage, but that is not at all the same thing.

    Regardless, Rand hasn’t had people calling him a kook for 30 years while he was the only one standing up against special interests, before other people realized anything was untowards in the way our government was being operated. I have no problem with Rand, and Ron would have to be forced to run for higher office — he doesn’t like doing it, and isn’t as young as he once was.

  2. CJ says:

    Rand might be the “missing link” in Libertarianism – he espouses libertarian principles without sounding like a kook.

  3. towski says:

    If your political philosophy has a hard time finding someone to describe it without sounding kooky, doesn’t that imply a certain level of kookiness in your philosphy?

    Ducks and covers…

  4. keith johnson says:

    Rand’s victory last night ought to be a wake up call to the RINOS.


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