In Print This Month: A Look at Bill McNutt

On your news stand or in your mailbox, the June issue of D Magazine with my feature on Bill McNutt, the alumnus arrested and now under the spotlight.

Here’s a teaser. Follow the link for the full story.


The details of Bill McNutt’s February arrest—at least the details that have been made public—don’t add up. The prominent SMU alumnus had been banned from campus since November 2008. A university official would later tell the Dallas Morning News that SMU had “heard reports of alleged questionable behavior that caused concern among some students.” McNutt had dinner parties at his house, and he invited students to them. Alcohol was available. So was a masseuse. Several people told the News that the dinners were “creepy,” and girls felt pressured to undress for a private massage in a mirrored back room.

But even if true, none of that was illegal. So why would the university ban a donor and the founding president of the Young Alumni Association from campus? And why, if he was banned, did McNutt continue to receive personal invitations to on-campus functions from members of the administration? The administration was saying one thing; SMU Police Chief Rick Shafer was saying another. He warned McNutt that he was “not welcome on the SMU campus for any reason whatsoever.”


  1. Matt says:

    McNutt busted. Oh, Trey.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, sleazy Republicans in Dallas. What a surprise.

  3. keith johnson says:

    Anonymous-what political party was Don Hill affiliated with before he reported to prison?

    This is a very good article you wrote Trey.

  4. amanda says:

    What a super creepy guy. And, what a super creepy legion of friends who supported his behavior. I don’t think being invited to fundraising events entitled Mr. McNutt to indulge his fantasy/stalking penchant. These kinds of behaviors escalate, and in his case it sounds like they already “did” at some point. College campuses are, in many ways like small cities. SMU is already dealing with some serious issues on campus, and McNutt’s actions certainly didn’t help…so yeah, I think he got the message. But, I don’t think this is the last we will hear about him.