MADD’s Jihad Against All Drinking Continues; CBS 11 Contributes

And CBS 11′s Jay Gormley is right there with them.

Gormley should know better. He should be ashamed of the schmaltzy, one-sided reporting.

MADD has always banked on using emotion and tragedy to trump reason and freedom, and Gormley follows their playbook spending a third of his story on milking grief from the friend of a drunk driving victim. This sets the reader up for a bypass of reason, making the idea of a mandate for all cars to have alcohol sensors seem reasonable.

Look, MADD is not about drunk driving — they’re prohibitionists. They don’t want people drinking at all. They don’t like people knowing that it’s perfectly legal and safe for a full size adult male to have a couple of beers and drive.

And when you use their sob story tactics in your story, you’re being a lazy, sloppy reporter.

Local TV news reporters, by and large, have little imagination and even less education. There’s nary a problem they see that doesn’t demand government intervention, because by reporting problems as such they can pretend to be watchdogs and “on your side.”

This isn’t the worst example; it’s just sadly typical.


  1. tim_lebsack says:

    But for interference from the government, 2010 model automobiles would not require a driver.