This Isn’t Double-Plus Ungood Disturbing


  1. No, that’s not intimidating at all…

  2. Tim R. says:

    In a complete non sequitur:

    Why haven’t we seen any news on the flooding disaster here in Middle Tennessee?

    Isn’t it sexy enough?

  3. amanda says:

    TimR-I’m in St. Louis, a short drive to that area, and we are seeing coverage (local and regional) fairly often. I was in Nashville two weekends ago when the rains started, and it was pretty bad then. People were scared, and talking about it, what “if” we get more rain… And, the national news doesn’t deem anything that happens in fly-over country sexy.

  4. Frank R says:

    Hate to disagree folks, but half the local news and national news on the local DFW ABC affiliate was devoted to the TN flooding. The papers also carried prominent features on it.
    Not defending anyone. Just saying that the coverage was there.