TX Sen. John Cornyn Joins Forces with Chief Senate Scold in Fearmongering

Citing the usual fear-mongering trifecta of terrorists, drug dealers and gang members, Cornyn has joined Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. — a man who can’t name a single aspect of American life that is off-limits to the federal government — in a campaign against pre-paid cell phones.

Despite there being absolutely no constitutional grounds, Cornyn and Schumer would require buyers of prepaid cell phones to present identification and require phone companies to keep that information on file, similar to what they have to do with users of landline phones and subscription-based cell phones.

This, of course, would be the end of that industry. The three selling points of pre-paids: they are cheaper since they don’t have a whole records infrastructure to maintain, they are convenient since they require no contracts and even ID, and they are secure your privacy.

Cornyn and Schumer are partners in selling fear and expanding the reach of government. At least Schumer is honest; Cornyn pretends he’s for limited government.

Both are selling freedom so that you’ll buy fear.


  1. Chuck says:

    Fear sells, but who’s buying?

    Unfortunately this has a chance of passing. :mad:

  2. Bildo says:

    Hey, Senator Cornyn:

    I know it may seem kind of silly to you, but did you ever think that enforcing immigration laws, and securing the border might achieve this result a lot more effectively with the added bonus of not exceeding Congress’ Constitutional powers?

    The Tea Party is coming for you in four years, John. I hope you don’t plan on keeping that cushy job in Washington for much longer.