Um, No, Not Really, Mr. Mayor

Look, let me say first I love downtown Dallas as much as anyone else. I live in the DFW because I love the DFW*.

And then today I read this little platitude from Mayor Leppert.

You all have understood, that so goes downtown, so goes Dallas, and so goes North Texas.

Um, not really. In fact, hard statistics for the past 30 years show otherwise. Despite decades of valiant efforts, downtown Dallas consistently has the worst rate of occupancy for both commercial and residential real estate.

This has been true consistently despite both booms and busts everywhere else in the DFW area. During several periods of massive population, retail, spending and business growth all over DFW, downtown Dallas has still just plodded along well behind the rest of the pack.

Downtown Dallas may be important to our hearts, but what happens to downtown Dallas has almost zero impact on the rest of the Dallas-Fort Worth economy. Downtown is not the core of Dallas-Fort Worth — it’s just one more submarket in a huge metropolitan area that has no center.

* (offer void in Garland)


  1. Stormtrooper says:

    Death Star is located downtown. So it is very much the center of America.

  2. Nah, that’s no Death Star. It’s just a small moon, and I have a good feeling about it.

  3. Allen Scott says:

    It seem that Mayor Leppert is doing a bad job, and does not realize it. He cannot run the City the same way,he ran Turner. The Mayor does not even know how to speak to people or Council Members, he was speaking at Council and told members, “you all don’t know what you are doing” , he set in four meeting and heard the same
    information they did , and did not raise a question.All of a sudden two years later a light bulb goes off and he says that to them. Something is wrong with the man.

  4. Stormtrooper says:

    Can you blame Leppert? Have you heard Vonciel speak? Or have you heard of any Caraway’s crazy ideas?