This is Ri-Goddamn-diculous

Yes, Ayn Rand could have used an editor to cut at least a third of the book, and maybe John Galt is a little too perfect, but don’t ever again say that the antagonists in Atlas Shrugged — the looters, moochers, regulators, and the incompetent economic royalists — aren’t lifelike.

Hell, the bad guys in Atlas Shrugged actually come off better than this lot.

Bend over cause here it comes.

The legislation would redraw how money flows through the U.S. economy, from the way people borrow money to the way banks structure complicated products like derivatives. It could touch every person who has a bank account or uses a credit card.

And then this.

The government would have broad new powers to seize and wind down large, failing financial firms and to oversee the $600 trillion derivatives market. In addition, a council of regulators, headed by the Treasury secretary, would monitor the financial landscape for potential systemic risks.

Incompetence? Oh yes. We have it in spades.

“No one will know until this is actually in place how it works,” (says Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), who as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee led the effort in the Senate.)

The Most Honest Political Ad Evah!

Econ 101 Epic Fail

The New York Times has an illustrious history of employing some of the worst columnists ever to put fingers to keyboard. Frank Rich, Tom Friedman, ad nauseum. With every new column they reach new heights of cluelessness. These columnists serve to protect the readership of the New York Times from the real world, and provide talking points for people with little intelligence and less imagination.

Bob Herbert is only remarkable because he’s so forgettable. Everything he writes is mundane, shallow, paint-by-numbers liberalism. He’s the left wing, print version of the Fox & Friends morning hosts.

But today, with a straight face, Herbert serves up a most classic example of how the left is wholly ignorant of economics.

The collapse of the economy in the Great Recession gave us the starkest, most painful evidence imaginable of the failure of laissez-faire economics and the destructive force of the alliance of big business and government against the interests of ordinary Americans.

Full column here.

Bob, it’s not laissez-faire economics if government works in alliance with business. The two things are mutually exclusive.

Open Letter to the Parent Yapping at My Coaching

Clearly I should defer to your demands. I’ve only spent five hours a week for the past two months trying to get your little couch potato to move her rear end at something more than first gear. What do I know?

And let me tell you, it really helps when you yell to your kid “Great job!” every time she moves her feet in the general direction of the ball. I mean, it’s not like it makes any real praise for extra effort meaningless when everything your princess does gets a “Great job!”

Screen shot 2010-06-17 at 6.31.30 AMNothing helps make the world your oyster like an inflated sense of unearned self-esteem and wholly unrealistic expectations of the praise the world owes you.

See where I’m going here?

Look, I yell because I know your kid is capable of better. She has the potential to do a great job.

If I thought she was a complete moron then I wouldn’t expect any better, now would I? I wouldn’t say anything at all.

Yes, they are 7 years old. I know that. What that means is, they aren’t 4 years old. The playing field is not a play ground. I’m not the play facilitator at Romper Room. It’s time to start getting competitive. Most of the other girls on the team are. That’s how the real world works.

And guess what? Kids like being competitive. They care whether they win or lose. They want to do better. They deserve a chance to improve. Coddling them isn’t doing them any kindness.

I yell because I have a loud voice and I know they can do better.

When they hear “Good job” from me, they know I mean it because I don’t toss it out like beads at Mardi Gras. (Which reminds me, by the way, if you don’t get a handle on your kid’s unrealistic self esteem, do expect to see them at Mardi Gras, likely in Girls Gone Wild 26)

I will never fault any of my players for doing their best and falling down. All I ask if that for one game a week and two hours at practice they give me their best effort.

But yes, I am going to tell your precious she’s doing a lousy job if she’s lollygagging around and letting the other girls down. And I will yell at her to throw the ball when she tries to walk it back to the infield after I told her FIVE EFFING TIMES to throw it.

(I’m also yelling because, in case you didn’t notice, a baseball field is pretty large, and I’m trying to be heard over the cheers of the other team. You know the other team — they’re the ones turning a single into three runs because your snowflake can’t THROW THE EFFING BALL.)

Look, my team doesn’t exist to build your kid’s self-esteem. Your kid is there to serve my team. And when any girl half-asses it, she lets all the other girls on the team down.

In conclusion — sit down, shut up, and cheer when we do well.

You know why I’m coaching? Because I love the game, I like these girls, and because I decided last year I didn’t like how my kid was being coached. So if you don’t like my style, start your own team, and I’ll see you next season.

We’ll be the ones beating the socks off your little snowflake.

(NOTE: This is meant to be taken with a grain of salt. Lighten up.)

UPDATE: I love this.

The Best Deconstruction of Gun Myths Not Involving Mythbusters


It’s here at Cracked.

It’s beautiful man, beautiful.

But here’s Jamie and Adam at it if you want the pros.

The Sublime Nobility of Public Service

Remind me again how people who go into “public service” are so much better than the rest of the us.

If this were a just republic, this congressman would be tarred and feathered, if not put up against a sufficient backstop.

About That Gaza Flotilla Raid

Awesome: A Card That John Wiley Price Would Love

As my friend Tim Rogers once said: not every black person is brilliant.


Blast from the past

Gun Sales Up, Crime Down. Naturally

Via PeterK, we have this from John Lott:

President Obama surely didn’t intend it, but he deserves some credit for last year’s 7.4 percent drop in murder rates. His election caused gun sales to soar, and crime rates to plummet.

At the same time gun sales were soaring, there was an unusually large drop in murder rates. The 7.4 percent drop in the murder rate was the largest drop in murder rates since the 1999. For those who don’t remember, 1999, when President Bill Clinton and Columbine occurred, was another time when gun sales soared. With people such as Elena Kagan serving as Mr. Clinton’s deputy domestic policy adviser were pushing hard for more gun control, Americans were worried that more gun bans were coming. And in response gun sales soared.

Arm Yourself with FactsWhile gun sales started notably rising in October 2008, sales really soared immediately after Mr. Obama won the presidential race. 450,000 more people bought guns in November 2008 than bought them in November 2007, that’s over a 40 percent increase in sales. By comparison, the change from November 2006 to November 2007 was only about 35,000. Over the last decade, the average year-to-year increase in monthly sales was only 21,000.

The increase in sales continued well beyond November 2008. From November 2008 to October 2009, almost 2.5 million more people bought guns in the 12 months after the election than in the preceding 12 months. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, doesn’t tell us how many guns each person bought just the number of people who bought them. Most likely though, gun sales rose by more than the number of people who purchased them.

John Jay Myers Sets Fundraising Record

Here’s the release. If you want balanced coverage of the other candidates, go buy a newspaper or something.

John Jay Myers Breaks Libertarian Fundraising Record in the 32nd Congressional District

john+jay+myers+1Dallas, TX – John Jay Myers, a small business owner and Libertarian candidate for the 32nd U.S. Congressional district of Texas, has reached the $5000 FEC reporting threshold for congressional candidates. This makes John Jay Myers the first Libertarian candidate to do so in the 32nd district. Mr. Myers expressed his gratitude to contributors:

“I am inspired to see so many people stand up for less government, and I am glad that they look to me as a spokesman for it. Thank you to everyone who has donated or volunteered. Your dedication will help to prove that Americans are seeing beyond left versus right, and more at right versus wrong. Despite the odds, it is important that our voices are heard, and believe me, we will be heard.”

To his family, Myers added, “I love you all dearly, and I am very thankful for your support.”

John Jay Myers faces a 14-year incumbent whose chance to prove himself as a fiscally responsible proponent of free markets has come and gone. Ballooning national debt, a tumultuous economy, and costly undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have all happened on Sessions’ watch. On his opponent, John Jay Myers stated:

“Government bailouts destroy free markets, government pork drains our economy, government wars risk our safety, and government security programs threaten our freedoms. Clearly, we can no longer afford the illusion that our current representative is a small government conservative.”

The John Jay Myers for Congress campaign has already produced flyers, t-shirts, banners, a website, and online videos, and Mr. Myers has attended numerous events including the Mardi Gras parade, the Castle Hills Tea Party, the NORML march, and the first National Government Sucks Day.

Anyone wishing to contact John Jay Myers, learn more about the campaign, or donate, can visit for more information.