About That Gaza Flotilla Raid


  1. Anonymous says:

    Trey Garrison, libertarina and zionist water boy – who knew?

  2. Keith Johnson says:

    Helen Thomas, is that you?

  3. Steve says:

    @ Anonymous -
    It never ceases to amaze me that the so-called “liberal community” in this country continues to side with the Muslim world on everything. Muslims represent everything liberals are supposed to be against. Overbearing religious zealotry. Women are considered second rate humans. Racism runs rampant. Homosexuals are executed. Why on earth are these the people you choose to defend? Is this the kind of world you want to live in?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why do they call it occupied territory? Do you want to live in a world where it takes billions in US aid to protect a zionist theme park from the original inhabitants who want their homes back?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why does a’ libertarian’ want to send money to Israel anyway?

  6. keith johnson says:

    Anonymous, any modern country can be accused of building on “occupied territory.”
    Why shouldn’t Libertarians support Israel? The Libertarians I know recognize alliances and friendships.

  7. Frank R says:

    “Original inhabitants???” How far do you want to go back? Biblically speaking the Jews occupied Israel.

    What I find so interesting about Anonymous’ posts is that he will take any position, as long as it is the opposite of what he thinks the libertarian position to be.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Actually, I expected the “libertarians” to be disinterested in Israel, or at least disappointed that Big Government was sending their tax dollars to Israel, the “ally” that serves no useful purpose.

  9. Anonymous says:


    Scratch a “libertarian”, find a neo-con Republican.


  10. Phillip J Hubbell says:

    The good news is…once the Muslems win…anonymous and his type will be the first they’ll behead for being infidels.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Really Phil? Did OBL tell you this between bong hits?

  12. Frank R says:

    You don’t pay much attention to what the Muslims say or do, do you Anon?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yeah Frank, I must have missed the announcement where the “Muslems” declared that “my type” were first in line for beheading. Maybe you could provide a link to that one. How far down the list are gun-totin’ libertarinas?

  14. Anonymous says:

    “Why on earth are these the people you choose to defend?”

    I’m not defending anyone. But if these people are as cruel and backward as you think they are, why on earth would the Jews want to live in the midst of them in land that USED to be inhabited by Muslims? Any why should the US taxpayer have to support this insane venture?

  15. Libertarians do not believe we need to be in the middle east at all. Or at least that is the stance of the Party.

    Everyone though is entitled to their own opinion. I think people should be able to send money to whatever side of this they like.

    This is not our business, if it was I would go into greater detail on how it shouldn’t be.

    I would hate to say that I mostly agree with Anonymous on this.

  16. Frank R says:

    I’d have to disagree with the “party line” on this one. I believe we do have a self interest in what goes on there. We can believe in a magical world in which we defend only our own shorelines or we can be realistic and understand that alliances and participation in the world are necessary.

    As to sending money to either side, folks who send money to people intent on blowing up the innocent with self immolation and converting the world to their religion need to give that donation more serious thought. Further, any group which preaches hatred of those who are more open, free and tolerant than they are, do not deserve consideration, much less donations.

  17. Anonymous says:

    What would you do if someone kicked you out of your house and moved in, Frank?

  18. Frank R says:

    That’s an endless game Anon. Depends on how far back in history you want to go. In Biblical times the shoe was on the other foot.
    The colonists in America kicked no few Royalists out of their homes back in the 18th century. Should the Brits still be trying to destroy us?
    There have been countless efforts to reach settlement. The fault is not all on the Israeli side.
    At some point the effort to destroy Israel has to stop. Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, al Quaeda all will not stop until they’ve destroyed Israel or Israel obliterates them. Given what we’ve seen of Muslim extremists, I would prefer the latter.

  19. If Israel would listen to the United Nations in regards to territory…. most of this would be over.

    PS Muslims are not all trying to kill you. If that is true then Texans all like to drag black people behind trucks.

    To most of the previous comments I just keep hearing myself say “Or so you are told”.

    Again “you” can send your money to whomever you like, but don’t send mine.

    I have watched this movie and believe it to be accurate:

    I would also encourage you to google Anna Baltzer and watch some of her videos, she is a Jewish girl who lived in Palestine and watched as men with guns (occupiers) would take a crap in the water supply of people in the houses they wanted…. (right in front of the owners) in an attempt to get them to leave.
    They have no real recourse because their guns have been taken away from them. Thank god for the Second Amendment.
    I know what I would do under those circumstances…. I would fight back with every single fiber of my being.

  20. Just for the record, I oppose all foreign aid of any type.

    But as for who I personally support, I support the Israelis.

    It’s not just that the Palestinians by polls show 90 percent support for the genocide of the Jews, and that they’re a dirty, deceitful people intent on murdering the Jews as shown by their support of Hamas. And it’s not just that Israelis have the just claim on their land, are the only democracy in the middle east, and the only civilized people in that part of the world.

    It’s that almost invariably the American people who support the Palestinians are clueless, filthy idiots, or else they’re knuckle-dragging neo-Nazis.

    The Jews represent the best that humanity can achieve — strong, smart, tolerant and having overcome millenia of persecution.

    The Palies are just a bunch of whiny, dirty, homicidal, illiterate street bums.

  21. And now we know where you stand on that ….
    …….and I completely disagree.

    There has to be a first for something.

    But like you, I really don’t think it’s our business, Israel is a badass, I believe we should let them play their cards as they like. But we should not be responsible for the consequences.

  22. We do agree on that. It’s their fight. None of our business, except and unless we donate to one side or the other out of our own pockets.

    And yes, I do believe the Israelis can handle themselves just fine. IDF is one of the finest armed forces in the world.

  23. Honestly his statement before last seemed a little crazed…. I am going to let him slide.

    I think the confusion is that you believe I hope to hold public office.

    I hope to run and cast shame on all in politics for their ridiculous big government/nanny state/ war state/ psychotic state perpetuation of a flawed economic policy known as Keynsian economics….

    To say I hope to hold public office is saying I hope to be subjected to torture for a two year period of time.

    I would prefer to say that I have agreed to be the guy that will take the hit for the rest of us.

    I don’t hope to be elected…. I hope to wake some people up on both sides of this big government nightmare and change the culture of hate and division into one of understanding of the simplest rights of the individual…..every individual.

  24. Anonymous says:

    “I would prefer to say that I have agreed to be the guy that will take the hit for the rest of us.”

    Uh huh. You certainly have a gift for equivocation. Here’s a tip, you’re not going to change the culture of hate hanging with Garrison.

  25. Frank R says:

    For the record I specifically mentioned Muslim “extremists,” that is to say, those Muslims who will use their religion as an excuse to spread hatred, violence and efforts to subjugate the rest of the world. I certainly don’t believe all Muslims are out to kill me or the rest of the world.

    I have to ask. How would Anon change the “culture of hate?”

  26. Daniel says:

    I would change the Culture of Hate with an an admixture of banal bromides and treacly sentiment. What, you don’t think that would work? Well, maybe not for you — yer hateful bastid! You heard me, eat it, fuckface!

  27. Frank R says:

    Gee Daniel, I don’t know. We’ve had a lot of banal bromides and treacly sentiment, not to mention apologies for our sins as Western barbarians. I suppose it’s only a matter of time before the Hamas, Hezbollah, Chavez and his thugs, Kim Ill Jong and the rest of the despots come and lay flowers at our feet. What do you think?