Awesome: A Card That John Wiley Price Would Love

As my friend Tim Rogers once said: not every black person is brilliant.


Blast from the past


  1. Paladin says:

    The spokesperson for Hallmark said that they try to learn from these experiences when they come up… I think what they should learn from this experience is that everyone near the podium at that press conference is a friggin’ idiot. I’m surprised they were capable of dressing themselves and appearing in public.

    I understand Hallmark’s decision to pull the card from stores. They made a PR decision for their company and I won’t begrudge them that freedom one little bit. It sure sticks in my craw, though, when stupid bullies like this branch of the NAACP are able to swing away at someone without having their asses handed to them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pointing out that not every black person is brilliant is about as career enhancing as pointing out to Christians what a waste of time and money Israel is. Go for it, Garrison.

  3. AlphaM says:

    Face meet palm…