John Jay Myers Sets Fundraising Record

Here’s the release. If you want balanced coverage of the other candidates, go buy a newspaper or something.

John Jay Myers Breaks Libertarian Fundraising Record in the 32nd Congressional District

john+jay+myers+1Dallas, TX – John Jay Myers, a small business owner and Libertarian candidate for the 32nd U.S. Congressional district of Texas, has reached the $5000 FEC reporting threshold for congressional candidates. This makes John Jay Myers the first Libertarian candidate to do so in the 32nd district. Mr. Myers expressed his gratitude to contributors:

“I am inspired to see so many people stand up for less government, and I am glad that they look to me as a spokesman for it. Thank you to everyone who has donated or volunteered. Your dedication will help to prove that Americans are seeing beyond left versus right, and more at right versus wrong. Despite the odds, it is important that our voices are heard, and believe me, we will be heard.”

To his family, Myers added, “I love you all dearly, and I am very thankful for your support.”

John Jay Myers faces a 14-year incumbent whose chance to prove himself as a fiscally responsible proponent of free markets has come and gone. Ballooning national debt, a tumultuous economy, and costly undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have all happened on Sessions’ watch. On his opponent, John Jay Myers stated:

“Government bailouts destroy free markets, government pork drains our economy, government wars risk our safety, and government security programs threaten our freedoms. Clearly, we can no longer afford the illusion that our current representative is a small government conservative.”

The John Jay Myers for Congress campaign has already produced flyers, t-shirts, banners, a website, and online videos, and Mr. Myers has attended numerous events including the Mardi Gras parade, the Castle Hills Tea Party, the NORML march, and the first National Government Sucks Day.

Anyone wishing to contact John Jay Myers, learn more about the campaign, or donate, can visit for more information.


  1. keith johnson says:

    Considering the national support of Arizona SB 1070 what chance does an open borders advocate have in a Texas congressional race?

  2. Anonymous says:

    If he can chum the Wal-mart conservatives with enough anti-Obama, “free-market” platitudes, maybe they’ll overlook his one bow to “libertarian” ideology and elect him.