The Kid Has Balls As Big As Churchbells

This high school kid is undaunted in the face a raging mob of Mohammedian jihadists.



  1. Paladin says:

    Interesting that their “peaceful protest” turned into a raging, screaming mob at the mere sight of a single Israeli boy with a flag. It took several police officers with nightsticks to keep them off of him. It explains a lot when you discover that their definition of “peaceful” isn’t the same as most rational people.

  2. Religion of peace, my ass.

  3. keith johnson says:

    It’s refreshing to see a country that recognizes the danger of open borders and free passage.

  4. keith johnson says:

    Obama calls the Israeli raid tragic and unecessary…

  5. Frank R says:

    The kid was inspiring. What made me proud, however, was the way the police protected the lone supporter of Israel. It is reassuring to know that a single voice can still be heard and protected in this country.

  6. Chuck says:

    The kid did a good job of stating his views.

  7. i wonder how many future terrorists were among the Islamic crowd? How come OTHER arab countries have not sent aid to their Brothers? Peace will only come when Arabs begin to love their children more than they HATE the JEWS. It’s hard to talk peace when the Arabs talk ONLY of the DESTRUCTION of ISRAEL and WILLINGLY send their children to commit suicide against innocent people! Does the Islamic world think that people are STUPID? The blockade is to keep THESE CRAZY people and their weapons OUT!!! The Jews in the land started with NOTHING and from it has grown a beautiful ,Democratic and free country. With terrorists as their ALLYS, they should be ASHAMED