The Sublime Nobility of Public Service

Remind me again how people who go into “public service” are so much better than the rest of the us.

If this were a just republic, this congressman would be tarred and feathered, if not put up against a sufficient backstop.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Garrison, who is the greater rube: you or your average reader?

    Those are a couple of liberal Kos-kid whackjobs ambushing a Democratic Congressman who has failed to fully supplicate himself before the Obamessiah.

    And opposing Obama is good, according to you, isn’t it?

  2. You’re more concerned with the motives and politics of the players than the sight of a U.S. Congressman presuming he has the right to assault members of the public who ask him questions while standing on a public street.


  3. Frank R says:

    The kid should have pressed assault charges. The Congressman works for the people. The people have every right to ask him questions. His response reeked of arrogance and privilege. Any politician, regardless of party, who reacts this way should be given a pink slip by the voters.

  4. amanda says:

    Further decline of civility.

  5. TWylite says:

    It sounded like an impromptu rendition of “Who Are You” by The Who to me. Next up, “Won’t Get Fooled Again”.


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